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Truss Ladder

Published 4 August 2022 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesControls Health risk assessments and monitoring Positive leadership and risk ownership

The Truss ladder is a proprietary piece of equipment that enables a carpenter to work within the trusses at a high level safely. The ladder also stops the need for the carpenters to work outside the roof structure which puts them at a much greater risk of fall and serious injury. Previously carpenters would build themselves a ladder in the…

Satellite Internet Connection – Starlink

Published 4 August 2022 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesEngagement and commitment from the workforce Facilities designed to accommodate equality and diversity needs

The project team had no success in installing a stable good internet connection despite trying all types/providers of internet connections. The team therefore decided to install the new Starlink satellite internet connection at the main hub for the works. Starlink provides high-speed, low-latency broadband. The cost of the connection is 70% lower than the closest competitor, with the satellites being…

Pod Point Electric Vehicle Charger

Published 4 August 2022 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesElectric vehicles Green/renewable energy

An Electric Vehicle (EV) charger that can moved moved from site to site without the need for installation by a specific supplier. Most EV charging points are installed by suppliers and fixed on site to be removed at the end of a project. This Pod Point is fixed on a transportable mount and uses a plug and play electrical connection…

Medical School Scholarships to Support University Students

Published 4 August 2022 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesColleges and universities Documented activities and targets for community engagement Engage with community facilities

Ahead of the very first intake of medical students to the new School of Medicine, at Ulster University’s Magee campus, this contractor pledged to support the careers of two future doctors. Two local students benefited from full scholarships for the entire life span of their degree programme, lasting four years. These scholarships will widen access, in supporting the education and…

Cabins to Support Neurodiverse Individuals

Published 4 August 2022 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesDisadvantaged and minority groups support Facilities designed to accommodate equality and diversity needs Hidden disabilities support

This contractor has introduced inclusive cabins, sympathetic to the needs of individuals with neurodiverse conditions. These come with several enhancements to colours (walls and signage), dimmable lighting, acoustic sound barriers, textures on chairs and temperature controls. Environmental and sustainable improvements including water harvesting, B rated cabins (first across the industry), eco-grid walkways, recycled plastic lumbar fencing.

Aquafuel Generator

Published 4 August 2022 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesBiofuels Energy efficient plant and equipment Green/renewable energy

This contractor is using a generator which uses glycerin as its power source. This is a waste product from bio diesel production and when consumed in the generator it provides mobile power with zero particulate emissions, it is also non-flammable, non-toxic and biodegradable and therefore has a very low carbon footprint. This is an example of beneficial reuse of a…