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Use of Ball Bearings to Manoeuvre Heavy Loads

Published 9 November 2021 | Written by Meena Bhogal
CategoriesInitiatives Injuries Worker fatigue

Cement boards are used in various applications on the project such as being rendered for gas farm walls and soffits. The boards are drilled into for fixing, and over 1,400 holes are required. Previously, this was a laborious operation as the operative needed to lift and rotate the board to drill the holes. These boards weigh approximately 13 kg/m2 so…


Published 4 October 2021 | Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesAir quality Plant and machinery Working methods and equipment

The Particulator is designed to be fitted to smaller construction machines and removes diesel particulate matter from exhaust gas. It consists of a filter that is encased in a steel jacket and a control box to regenerate the filter when required and monitor back pressure. The filter is made of cordierite, a synthetic ceramic, which provides high filtration whilst keeping…


Published 4 October 2021 | Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesReduce Specialist input Supply chain Sustainable solutions Water saving measures Working methods and equipment

The specialist contractor, JCoffey, have implemented a CreteBeater bath at their yard as a way to substantially reduce water use. CreteBeater is a concrete remover specifically designed to remove concrete and debris from tools and equipment in a safe way. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and safe for human handling. The bath holds up to 600 litres of CreteBeater and…