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Ramadan Awareness Countdown Calendars

Published 23 April 2018 | No comments
Written by Mark Dixon
CategoriesCultural needs Diversity Equality Minority groups Religious considerations
We have recently implemented and had awareness of events and days including those supporting apprentices and women. On site there is a diverse workforce with some operatives observing Ramadan. With this in mind we have issued several countdown to Ramadan calendars on site, the aim is to engage those unaffected by directly involving them. The key points of awareness around...

The Benefits of GPS Plant

Published 5 April 2018 | No comments
Written by Mark Dixon
CategoriesPost-completion impact
We have used GPS plant, which is nothing new in large scale civils operations but we have gone further and have introduced this technology into smaller, more sensitive ground works, for the following reasons: The number of operatives required to do the task is reduced, given that the largest number of fatalities on a construction site is by moving plant,...

Department for Work and Pensions site talk

Published 14 December 2017 | No comments
Written by Mark Dixon
CategoriesApprenticeships Careers advice Careers advice Placements
Westleigh’s newly CCS registered site at St Mary’s in the heart of Leicester has decided to tackle the issue of filling the skills shortage with what will be a series of site visits and talks by the staff on site to a number of invitees in a bid to attract new operatives into the industry. Our first talk has been...

Tree Grinding to Reduce Waste and C02

Published 9 October 2017 | No comments
Written by Mark Dixon
CategoriesMinimised fuel use Plant and machinery Reduce Trees
Every site has its own challenges and our new site in the heart of Leicester is no exception. Deeply wooded and overgrown, a plan was needed to ensure the regeneration of the area was not only efficient and had little impact on the neighbours but should also be good for the environment. In a bid to maximise the recycling output...

Local school visit for disabled students

Published 3 October 2017 | No comments
Written by Carl Smith
CategoriesLocal and special needs Ramps Schools
During the Month of July, Westleigh were approached by DGS Academy in Hinckley to arrange a visit on to our site in Hinckley. The DGS Academy provide education to young students with varying levels of disability from the ages of 11 to 17 years. With the site at varying levels of progress we had to ensure that all areas could...

Charity Spring Water on Site

Published 26 September 2017 | No comments
Written by Mark Dixon
CategoriesCharities/organisations Workforce
We have added water coolers to the products we already ethically purchase, and these are installed in our temporary welfare facilities from a company called Angel who work in partnership with the ‘Make a Wish foundation’. By purchasing replacement water bottles and hiring the cooler from Angel we are directly making a donation to the foundation. Since its inception in...

Charity Bike Ride to Paris for Headway Charity

Published 17 August 2017 | No comments
Written by Mark Dixon
CategoriesCharities/organisations Workforce
2015 saw Westleigh’s much loved head office receptionist Helen suffer a devastating stroke: she was rushed to Coventry University Hospital, where the fabulous work of the paramedics and specialist doctors set her on a path to recovery. The work and support of the Headway charity was vital to Helen and her family during this period and they continue to help...

Primary school safety competition

Published 17 August 2017 | No comments
Written by Mark Dixon
Construction sites can pose a danger to children, especially during the summer months when they can be perceived as somewhere to find adventure, so when Site manager Kerry Dyson was given the Ecton Brook site to run he immediately decided that as Considerate Constructors, the site should engage the local school which is adjacent to the site. The Ecton Brook...

Fair Trade Ethical Paving

Published 15 August 2017 | No comments
Written by Mark Dixon
CategoriesIllegal workers Supply chain Supply chain
Westleigh’s Loughborough Development has taken material choice a step further by specifying products that are Fair Trade-endorsed and from ethical sources. This product shows commitment to helping the community in India where this product is sourced from. We aim to ensure all products are from ethical sources and our supplier is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative. Using this...

Using the cafe from a local nursery

Published 1 August 2017 | No comments
Written by Mike Dean
CategoriesCanteen Healthy lifestyle advice Nurseries Recreation
Adjacent to the site is a drop-in day nursery called the Whistle-Stop Nursery. On our first visit to introduce ourselves as neighbours we noticed that they run a café for the Mums to have a sandwich and a cup of tea while their kids are out on the fun frames. The kitchen was underused and the workforce on our site...

Supporting a small local football team

Published 1 August 2017 | No comments
Written by Mike Dean
CategoriesCommunity liaison Goodwill
Since we have commenced work on site, we have been in contact with Glossop North End FC on several occasions, not only in a professional capacity but also as a good neighbour. I have met with the directors and ground staff all of whom are volunteers, to see how I can assist the club. We underwent a ground investigation for...

Fatigue Reduction Technology

Published 24 July 2017 | No comments
Written by Mark Dixon
CategoriesOccupational health risks Worker fatigue
Workplace operative comfort is a high priority for Westleigh, this is coupled with safety as it can affect tiredness during long process activities. Our sister company Westframe, who provide all our timber frame requirements, have recently improved and added to the measures taken to ensure our workforce are comfortable at work. All work stations at the factory have benefited from...

Staff Development Presentation on the Considerate Constructors Scheme

Published 24 July 2017 | No comments
Written by Mark Dixon
CategoriesCCS briefing and action plan Scheme champion Workforce
Westleigh have been actively involved with the CCS for over ten years, and whilst we continue to register sites, contribute to the Hub and receive awards, we do also seek to promote our involvement with the Scheme for the benefit of all involved, and have had several items of coverage in the press and on social media. We have gone...

Sugar Free Site Office

Published 12 July 2017 | No comments
Written by Mark Dixon
CategoriesCanteen Healthy lifestyle advice
Westleigh are keen to promote and implement ideas specifically designed to protect and enhance our workforce’s health and wellbeing. A healthy workforce is also less likely to need time off due to sickness and are happier in the workplace. On our Loughborough site we have introduced a sugar free site office and meeting room, as with a number of meetings...

Meeting training needs with our vocational academy

Published 11 July 2017 | No comments
Written by Mark Dixon
CategoriesApprenticeships Colleges Employed Placements Training
Westleigh recognise the need to train and support our workforce. The rapid surge in construction in the UK is putting a huge strain on the amount of labour available – the industry employs 324,000 fewer workers than in 2008 prior to the recession and we must look at initiatives to attract and train individuals into the industry. In-house training and...