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Multilingual Mental Health First Aider

Published 13 January 2022

During the monthly workforce consultation meetings, one of the site operatives suggested the

Sustainable Signage

Published 20 December 2021

This contractor is working with their subcontractors to meet their One Decade to Act goal of zero

You Can Save Lives Campaign

Published 24 November 2021

The construction industry are very keen to re-use materials, for instance this contractor has

Electric Plasterboard Lift Truck

Published 24 November 2021

On this project they are using an Electric Plasterboard Lift Truck to unload plasterboard. The

BIM Project for Civil Engineering Students

Published 9 November 2021

This contractor is collaborating with the Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic

ShockWatch Labels

Published 9 November 2021

This contractor has implemented the use of ShockWatch Labels to ensure all stones are handled

MEWP Register Procedure

Published 25 October 2021

In order to control MEWP's on this project, the contractor have implemented a MEWP register

Gripps Bolt Vault

Published 25 October 2021

This project consists of six buildings – ranging between 13 and 19 storeys tall – surrounded by

Green and Red Door System

Published 25 October 2021

Site personnel, inductees and visitors access the project via site entrance and make their way down

Pride LGBTQ+ Helmet Stickers

Published 12 July 2021

In order to celebrate Pride Month, the contractor team on this project have provide Pride LGBTQ+

Campaign to Stop Domestic Violence

Published 5 July 2021

According to the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) year ending March 2020, an estimated

Ask Twice Mental Health Campaign

Published 5 July 2021

The Mental Health First Aid team at this project have implemented an 'Ask Twice'

PVC Freezer Flaps used to Control Room Temperature

Published 2 June 2021

This contractor has introduced the use of PVC freezer flaps to control room temperature. To enable

Mental Health Support for Vehicle Drivers

Published 2 June 2021

Driving around London can be a very stressful task, especially when considering using lorries to

DABS – Daily Mental Health and Wellbeing Conversation

Published 7 April 2021

On this project, mental health and wellbeing are discussed on as daily basis during DABs

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