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Presenting the Opportunities Available to Women in Construction

Published 23 March 2020

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Kelly Sowden and Sophie Dick hosted a presentation at

Temporary City Bus Stop

Published 24 February 2020

To allow for the footpath widening and new road layout, most of the bus stops along the Headrow

Solar Welfare Van

Published 24 February 2020

The Leeds projects have incorporated the latest Nixon Hire solar welfare van. The welfare van is

Apprentices Talk at a Careers Fair

Published 17 February 2020

Members of the Leeds Public Transport Improvement Programme (LPTIP) attended Leeds apprenticeship

First Night Toiletry Bags

Published 10 February 2020

John Sisk & Son donated 50 sets of first night toiletry bags to Empowerment, a charity that

Local Students Prepare for their Careers

Published 3 February 2020

Staff from the LPTIP (Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme) project recently took part in a

Various Activities for a Local Charity

Published 20 January 2020

John Sisk has a local charity partner, Mancunian Way, who help local young adults to stay safe as

John Sisk Christmas Toys

Published 13 January 2020

Celebrating its 160th anniversary this year, John Sisk delivered some 500 handcrafted wooden toys

Leeds Big Sleep

Published 6 January 2020

12 Colleagues from Sisk, WSP and Leeds City Council spent a night under the stars at Headingley

BIM Station

Published 2 December 2019

A BIM station is an on-site computer booth that gives workers access to updated models and

Avoiding Disruption to Public Transport

Published 25 November 2019

The Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme (LPTIP) on the Headrow project saw the start of the

TV Screen for Cyclists

Published 25 November 2019

When planning our compound and hoarding, it became evident that the vehicles exiting the

RSA Shuttle and Roll Over Simulator

Published 25 November 2019

The RSA (Road Safety Authority) shuttle is an interactive educational unit, which was brought to

Stop the Drop

Published 25 November 2019

Stop the Drop is a targeted safety campaign focusing on specific hazards on site. Buckets had been

Non-Conductive and Insulated Pins

Published 18 November 2019

Traditionally, marker pins and fence pins were manufactured from steel, posing a high risk to the

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