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Pipe Basket for Tight Lifting Operations

Published 29 April 2019

FLO were faced with the challenge of lifting out temporary pipework from below ground through a

Pumping Concrete through an Operational Underground Station

Published 29 April 2019

In order to be able to construct new pedestrian tunnels between existing platforms at Kennington

Virtual Reality MEWP Training and MEWP Tracking System

Published 21 March 2019

In conjunction with Nationwide Platforms and Select Plant Hire, FLO (Ferrovial Agroman Laing

UK’s Largest Hybrid Generator

Published 17 October 2018

The construction of new passenger tunnels between existing platforms at Kennington Station had to

Use of Biofuel to Reduce Air Pollution and Carbon Emissions

Published 24 September 2018

New passenger tunnels were required to be built between existing platforms at Kennington Station to

Crane Forks Cage with Pallet Fork Attachment

Published 24 August 2018

The Battersea Station Northern Line Extension site have recently begun installation of block-work

360 Degree Interactive Site Induction

Published 24 August 2018

Utilising widely available software the site team upload 360 degree photos taken on smartphones and

Used Canteen Cooking Oil Recycled into Biofuel

Published 6 August 2018

Used cooking oil from the site canteen is collected by a specialist company who then transform it

Valuation of Ecosystem Services

Published 23 April 2018

Trees in cities provide numerous benefits; removing air pollution, improving the aesthetics,

Diesel Generator: Air Quality Impacts

Published 19 March 2018

Prior to the availability of mains power the site offices and welfare units had to be powered by a

Maximising Excavated Waste Removal via a Barge

Published 21 November 2017

The Northern Line Extension project involves the construction of two brand new underground stations

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