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Earth Friendly Concrete

Published 8 March 2021

Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC) is traditional concrete that doesn’t use ordinary Portland cement

Arbnco Indoor Environmental Quality Monitoring

Published 26 October 2020

As part of an ongoing commitment to workforce welfare, the Garrard House project team wanted to

Qualis Flow Automated Sustainability Data Monitoring Software

Published 7 September 2020

On Mace’s Woolwich Creative District project the team have implemented 'Qualis Flow' software to

Single Use Plastic PPE Terracycle Recycling Scheme

Published 11 August 2020

The Mace team at GPE's Hanover Square project introduced a PPE recycling service in partnership

Closed Loop Recycling Scheme for Signage

Published 16 March 2020

At Great Portland Estate's Hanover Square project, the Mace team have implemented a closed loop

Biodegradable Overshoes

Published 24 February 2020

As part of Mace's Time to Act campaign to reduce single use plastics on site, the Hanover Square

Time Clock Controlled Mains Water Supply

Published 3 February 2020

The City Gate House project team installed a series of water efficiency measures (as part of the

Clean Air Day School Engagement

Published 8 July 2019

To support 'Clean Air Day', Mace's Sustainability Manager at Helical's Farringdon East OSD project

Belu Water Social Enterprise

Published 18 April 2019

The project team at Mace's 25 Grosvenor Street made the decision to procure their site water from

Single Use Plastics Workshop

Published 16 April 2019

As a responsible business, Mace is reducing the 3,000 tonnes of plastic waste it generates every

Remote Controlled Electric Breaker

Published 12 November 2018

At Mace's GPE Hanover Square Project, J Coffey Construction Ltd used a 'Brokk 260' remote

Modern Slavery App and Awareness

Published 24 August 2018

To help raise awareness of Modern Slavery at Mace's Hanover Square project, all Mace staff and

Tool Tethering Learning Hub

Published 6 August 2018

Last year, 13 people in the UK never came home from work to their wives and family. They were

Recycled Tyres as Cold Melt Waterproofing

Published 20 July 2018

Mace's Hanover Square project have used a new method for waterproofing concrete from a supplier

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