R G Carter Southern Ltd is praised for its considerate de-construction of an Ipswich police station

This specialist work at the site along Civic Drive, Ipswich, initially involved the decommissioning of services and removal of hazardous substances from the former police station.

After this preliminary work, the project team then demolished the building and recycled materials before making the site suitable for redeveloping.

The works were predominantly demolition, but also involved separation from an existing occupied building in this prominent location.

One of the challenges of this project was being based alongside a busy Ipswich road with high volumes of traffic. The main trunk road through the town and Elm Street, Ipswich, is a short-cut access road and a main pedestrian route to the town. Therefore minimising traffic disruption was a priority.

The demolition process itself within a sensitive location was another challenge due to the risk of falling debris and dust polluting the roads and pavements. A 145 tonne digger was used on this project to take down a five-storey building in plain view of neighbours and the public.

Project Manager, Jason Rookyard said:

“Our long-standing Site Manager, had to be extremely vigilant in undertaking this job, while also making sure that the demolition was carried out in a controlled and safe manner, in accordance to health and safety. In keeping with our company values, we strive to maintain high standards and be committed at all times, while maintaining quality on each project. With most construction and demolition now being conducted in sensitive locations, it has a major impact on our lives. The Scheme sets certain standards that we strive to achieve in order to mitigate disruption to the surrounding areas within which we work.”

Here are some examples of best practice initiatives carried out by R G Carter Southern Ltd, to comply with the Considerate Constructors Scheme:

  • Prior to commencement of the project all neighbours within a 250m radius were informed in writing regarding the extent of the work, with relevant contact information and confirmation of CCS registration. Update letters were also issued.
  • Site Manager, Steve Baker was on hand to answer any questions from passing foot traffic during the work and the team kept the neighbours up to date with regular newsletter drops to minimise any concerns they may have had.
  • A rubbish skip was also provided by the company for fixtures and fittings disposed from the redundant building, which were then recycled to a local charity.
  • Commemorative plaques denoting the opening of the police station were carefully relocated to the Police Museum at Martlesham.
  • Water cannon ‘dust busters’ were used to minimise any dust pollution and, if necessary, window cleaners employed to clean adjacent residential buildings.
  • Regular environmental audits were undertaken and works were suspended for eight days following the discovery of nesting gulls on the roof of the building scheduled for demolition.
  • Tree removal was carefully considered and one large tree was relocated to a housing project within Ipswich, before the demolition took place.
  • Personal development needs were recognised and training encouraged. The company currently trains around 30 apprentices and runs a graduate training scheme.
  • Operatives were provided with ICE (In Case of Emergency) helmet tags.
  • Procedures were in place to assist any members of the workforce who struggled with basic English or who had particular religious or cultural needs

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