Skanska and Canary Wharf engage students to explore ways of making construction sites more attractive for the industry

Skanska and Canary Wharf Contractors are making a joint commitment to caring about appearance by asking graduates to consider how the exterior appearance of a construction site projects a positive, inviting and aesthetically pleasing image of the industry.

A team of graduates from Skanska and Canary Wharf Contractors are reviewing a selection of photographs of UK site exteriors and interiors, both good and bad.

The group also looked at best practice and offered many useful suggestions as to what sites can do to ensure the industry is a more attractive sector, both for potential workers and surrounding neighbours.

An eye-catching and well-managed site exterior not only portrays a positive image of the industry, but acts as an enticing advertisement for potential employees when considering a career in construction.

The old fashioned untidy, unkempt site image, typified by scruffy, noisy and inconsiderate workers projects a stereotypically negative image of the industry and discourages prospective workers.

Commenting on this worthwhile initiative are Skanska’s Community Investment Manager, James McKenzie-Boyle, Skanska Finance Graduate, Jake Atkinson, and Canary Wharf Contractors Limited Project Sustainability Manager, Callum Scott:-

James McKenzie-Boyle said:

“As part of the graduate programme, one of the teams chose to take on the challenge of helping to increase impact at both a project and industry level.

“As well as providing us with some great tools and research internally, they were keen to help develop the initiative. Construction’s First Impression’s provided an excellent platform for them to do just this, and we are very proud of their efforts to date.”

Finance Graduate Jake Atkinson said:

“As part of our Finance Graduate Scheme, I wouldn’t normally get to experience the operational side of construction as much as other graduates.

“By being afforded this opportunity, I have been able to gain an invaluable experience in being exposed to the efforts to improve the public’s perception of our industry.

“The First Impressions initiative has allowed me to make contacts with sustainability professionals across organisations of varying sizes and within my own organisation when carrying out research.”

Callum Scott said:

“Canary Wharf Contractors have teamed up with other Associate Members to rethink what a great first impression of construction looks like and what the benefits of an improved industry are.

“The appearance of sites is of the utmost importance for a number of reasons; firstly, it’s a very visual representation of your brand and values. It is also the first means of demonstrating to the workforce and potential customer that your sites are professional in their operation and represent the best of industry.

“Maintaining the highest presentation standards also forms part of being a good neighbour, ensuring a positive image of the industry is portrayed within the communities that we work.

“Under the guidance of the Construction’s First Impressions Working Group we, as young professionals within the industry, have developed a series of appearance-driven recommendations under the headings of ‘Exterior Signage’, ‘Career Opportunities’, ‘Selling the Project’ and ‘Promoting Performance’.

“Now more than ever we need to seize the opportunity to re-imagine our sites as means of attracting the next generation into the built environment.”

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