Collaborative Approach to Removing Loose Components when Working at Height

On The Madison project, Balfour Beatty encouraged a collaborative approach with all subcontractors on site to carry out a site-wide reassessment of its Working at Height safe systems of work. All parties were encouraged to create innovative solutions and mitigate risk in their own areas of work.

Magnetic Tethering

The façade contractor highlighted a narrow shim that was very challenging to restrain. The contractor in question came up with a strong magnetic restraint which can be offered up to the slab edge and only removed once the shim was secured.

The method of magnetic restraint can be utilised for a number of components where standard restraints are not feasible, such as where components are too small to have a tethering point, or where introduction of a tethering point would weaken the integrity of the component. The low cost of magnetic tethers make them a simple and effective solution that can easily be rolled out across the industry.

StopDrop Bags

The scaffold contractor highlighted a potential risk due to the number of fixings and sockets potentially required to be used at height. Through redesign of fixings, drawing inspiration from other industries such as farming and agriculture, the majority of risks from loose components such as bolts, washers and nuts were efficiently mitigated.

Any remaining loose components could then be kept within tethered StopDrop bags, which retain the contents even when turned upside down, through a self-closing mechanism that prevents any loose items from falling.

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