Efficient Spill Clean-Up

Morgan Sindall have trialled more efficient methods of managing spill clean-up.

One method was using Spill Hound. Spill Hound is built around a modified wheelie bin which includes a storage unit, brush, shovel, filter sieve, and unique absorption granules. The granules are made from a naturally occurring fibre that has been chemically modified to recover both oil and water-based spills.

When used on a spill, the granules form small clusters which are then shovelled and fed through the filter sieve. The sieve then allows unused granules to fall back into the storage unit, which minimises waste and reduces disposal costs.

The second method was using Site Mat. This is an outdoor filtration product which absorbs  oils and fuels, but does not absorb water. This minimises potential waste as more oil and fuel can be absorbed before the filter needs to be replaced.

Footer Reference

Monitor Report. Morgan Sindall. Hertfordshire. July 2019.

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One thought on "Efficient Spill Clean-Up"

  1. Nafiu Abubakar says:

    This is arguably one of the best bespoke oil spill clean up i have seen in recent years. Morgan Sindall Kudos on your good work

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