Grout Pump Truck

JRL Group Ltd have devised a piece of equipment known as the Grout Pump Truck. The Grout Pump Truck is a self-contained system which replaces multiple site grouting activities. This mitigates environmental impacts, namely dust and waste pollution, while also having a positive influence on safety and quality.

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduction in dust generated as hand mixing does not take place on site. This is positive for the operatives, environment and local community.
  • Reduction in quantity of waste as a 1 tonne bag of grout is emptied into the silo prior to arrival to site, instead of using 40 x 25kg bags on site. This also reduces the number of delivery trucks coming to site, which reduces our carbon emissions.
  • Decrease in spills when pouring and transporting grout by traditional method in watering cans.
  • Grout is mixed using a computerised system, therefore the correct quantities of water required for mixing are programmed, ensuring no waste water.

Other Benefits

  • Increase in productivity and less labour intensive.
  • Indirect savings associated with programme reduction due to efficiency of system.
  • Grout mix is stored in the truck which reduces the risk of damage to grout material by incorrect storage on site/ rain damage, therefore saving money.
  • Minimises manual handling and trip hazards/ housekeeping issues associated with traditional hand mixing methods.
  • Uniform grout mixture created due to computerised system provides quality assurance.

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