Environmentally Friendly Mould Oil

The team at Grosvenor Square are using the Safetard Gel made by Adomast as an alternative mould oil for concrete shuttering in the hope that this can then become common practice across Mace.

Conventional products used within concrete works involving shuttering are predominantly COSHH substances. These “Mould Oils” are applied to steel and timber formwork & falsework to reduce the cohesion between the curing concrete and the shuttering.

Once the concrete is set, the shuttering is removed and the process repeated. As shuttering is moved around site (with circa 4 uses of timber shuttering) it is often stored around site, exposed to the elements.

The residual mould oil can therefore be washed off and spread around site and in to the soil/groundwater, introducing pollution to the area. Mould oil tubs constitutes COSHH waste but are often used as bins or storage tubs on site.

These are often left exposed to the elements and are often observed with rainwater within them. This constitutes a potential for the spread of contamination across site as well as the human health issues related to the mismanagement of COSHH materials. Conventional COSHH Mould Oils (such as HP1 Mould Oil, Diachem formease CRA2 etc.) are also flammable and often contain VOCs.

This product exceeds the industry norm, replacing a COSHH product with a water based, non-toxic, non-flammable, no VOCs and fully biodegradable product which reduces risk to the environment  and additionally to the workforce and is a WRAS approved product (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme).

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