Magnetic Labels for Static Plant

There have been various occasions in which static plant and machinery have leaked oil, even when they are not being used. As a protective measure and to minimise impacts to the environment, plants nappies and/ or drip trays capture any leaks from plants that are either static or being refuelled. However, occasionally these measures are not in place and in some instances, have lead to near misses.

While the practise of placing nappies under static plant has generally improved on site, a visual reminder is still necessary to promote pro-activeness instead of re-activeness.

Magnets were developed to say ‘Give me a Plant Nappy’, and were distributed on site to go on static plant and communicate this requirement.

The main benefit of utilising the magnetic label will help ensure that measures to contain leaks from plant are considered during work activities.

Pumps and generators are widely used on site and can be located near receptors such as drains and gullies thus providing the reminders of the measures required will help prevent pollution incidents from arising.

Additionally, there is a potential cost benefit to this as contaminated spill kits and absorbents used to clean up leaks can be costly to remove from site.

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Entry submitted by Taylor Woodrow.

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  1. Richard Storrs says:

    What a fantastic idea!

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