Wireless Crane Camera HookCam

HookCam is a wireless camera system that attaches directly to the hook block of a crane and delivers a live video stream to the operator in the cabin.

HookCam eliminates the communication issues faced when operating in the blind and gives the operator another set of eyes, with an aerial view from the hook’s perspective.

With the HookCam, the operator has more control of risks on the job site and can work more safely, efficiently and productively.

Advantages of the HookCam include:


  • Allows the operator to confirm the balance and load security
  • Increases site awareness
  • Gives the operator situational awareness to respond to the critical situations


  • Gives the operator ability to see the slinger/signaller and hand signals
  • Supplements the radio communication with visual confirmation
  • Allows operator to view and verify load


  • Eliminates blind spots
  • Reduces lift time by an average of 26.7% in open space
  • Reduces lift time by an average of 38.9% in the blind

On one CrossRail site the operator avoided a potential issue when he spotted a 18″ spanner which weighed 10lbs sitting on top of the gas bottles which he was about to lift up into the shaft, it was only spotted as he had the camera focused above the load and around the safety area of travel, due to the nature and height of the cage the gas bottles were in the, ground crew were unaware of the object left there and a potential flying object was avoided thanks to the camera and operators observations.

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