New kit for dust mitigation

Air pollution is a big concern for all of us and the construction industry is a significant contributor to air pollution through dust, plant and transport. At Mace’s UCLH P5 site, there is a committed approach to managing dust and new pieces of kit have been brought to site to reduce dust.

1. Hilti Concrete Cutter with dust extraction
Dust extraction systems on concrete saws are not common place on construction sites, even though concrete cutting is a high dust generating activity. A hose connects the concrete saw to a purpose built vacuum which has capacity for 36L of dust.

2. Makita Cordless hammer drill with dust extraction
This cordless drill has a dust extraction attachment which automatically collects dust with the on-off switch. It has a HEPA filter which traps all sizes of particles (99.75% efficiency rating). The drill can be used on steel, wood and concrete and collect dust from all these materials, however in this case it is mostly used on concrete.

The dust mitigation on these kits improves air quality for the surrounding environment, for operatives and is better for housekeeping.

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