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At Mace, we are keen to engage with our workforce and to pursue better methods in all areas of construction, especially when it comes to health and safety. At the One Crown Place project based in Broadgate, we have launched a safety app that our trades can use to simply speak up, and report issues on site via their own mobile phones at no charge. The system is very simple and easy to use. We have a series of QR codes that represent areas of the site strategically placed on every floor in multiple areas and on central notice boards, where these can be scanned to tell Mace where and what the issue is.

The app developed by Mace and Virtual Viewing, allows workers to scan the QR code, select the severity of the issue, add a brief description and attach a photo along with the individual’s email address and send within four clicks. Mace construction CMs allocated to each of the observation categories will be notified instantly. The benefit of this is that we are getting better quality observations from our grass roots operatives, the response time to closing out issues is much faster, and also the individuals that have raised the issue are being reported back to directly by the Mace manager.

This has a positive effect on attitude to safety, as the responses are more personal to the staff and we thank them directly, which promotes more engagement between staff at all levels. The trades can see that we are closing out items, where historically the messages they send are not heard or not communicated up stream by their supervisors. We are now rolling this out across several of our projects within the major projects division.

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