Residents’ Newsletter Templates

Whilst carrying out any construction work, it is vital to be as courteous to the local community and neighbours as possible.

One way of showing consideration to local residents is to regularly distribute newsletters throughout the duration of the project, particularly those who are most likely to be affected by the works. This could start with an introduction letter to the neighbourhood, with updates being communicated on a regular basis. Newsletters can come in the form of a traditional letter (for those with limited or no access to the internet) or via email, and copies can even be displayed on the site’s hoarding or notice board.

A variety of letter templates can be found online, which can be adapted to suit the needs of the construction site or company.

Click on the link below to see some examples.

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One thought on "Residents’ Newsletter Templates"

  1. andrea lilly says:

    Pacy & Wheatley do this, upon set up a letter issued posted by hand through the door of all of our neighbours, provides details of the project, site contact information & CCS information. This letter is also displayed on our community notice board. At site set up we also issue letter to any schools that may be within walking distance of the school, we ask parents to re-iterate our message of “Stay Safe By Staying Away” to their children. After the initial letter drop we then issue a progress letter every 2 to 3 month proving details of what we have done on site, what’s happening next (including photo’s), issues that may affect you, along with any community initiatives (school visits, charity) & environmental performance.

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