Setting the Benchmark for Tethering

The external façade includes a ‘CAP’ covering the top 3 floors of the Tower – this is made up of a number of steel ladder sections which are connected together and fully glazed. This is a unique project whereby the works are taking place at a height of 170m in a location bordered by heavily trafficked roads on all 4 sides.

Every single element of the CAP installation involves working on a leading edge, down to the tightening of each individual screw. Consequently, the focus on tethering all tools and equipment has been paramount to ensure no objects are dropped during the installation.

We have been implementing new standards and setting the Benchmark for Tethering, which is being used by the HSE for future projects. Examples of the requirements being set are as follows:

  • Cable ties are not to be used as primary connection. A para cord in a barrel knot configuration is the agreed method of attachment;
  • Cable ties/washers can be used to help prevent any side movement of para cord or recess created by the application of Gaffer tape;
  • Only one tool to be tethered to any tool accessory – no multiple attachments allowed;
  • Gaffer tape to have the minimum of five wraps around each tool accessory;
  • Only gaffer tape can be used. No other tape is acceptable;
  • All hard hats are to have a four-way chin strap and secondary clip tether when working on leading edge;
  • All drills must be fully bagged around the battery (in addition to tethering the drill itself);
  • Screw stations have been set up with all ‘screw pouches’ pre-tethered, inspected and signed off;
  • Screws fitted on screw pouches spaced at 50mm centres to ensure no tangling causing accidental removal of other screws.

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