Trad Safety Nets

What is it?

  • Safety nets are typically used as a safeguard against falling objects. Traditionally, scaffold fan boards have been used.
  • On our Mount Street site, Trad safety nets are used at Level 2 (Pedestrian Level) and Mini Catch Fans are being used for the first time in the UK.

How does it work?

  • Trad Catch Fan Systems cantilever 3.2m from the edge of building and come in 4m wide and 6m wide sections.
    – They consist of a 60mm x 60mm net which can take up to 100 kg through 7m and a 20mm x 20mm overlay net to contain smaller items.
    – These are being used at the pedestrian level (Level 2) on Mount Street.
  • The Trad Mini Catch Fan Systems only cantilever 2m. Again, they come in 4m wide and 6m wide sections. These are actually designed for scaffolding loads of up to 39 kg.

Safety benefits

  • The installation of the catch fan systems on Mount Street are a SSoW and meet Kier’s Minimum Standards.
  • Therefore, during the erection and alteration of the catch fans, the scaffolders are not in a high risk situation. They are also fast to erect as the mini fans simply open up.
  • Moreover, Trad Systems have trained both scaffolders for installation and Kier site managers for inspection.

Programme benefits

  • Both systems are very fast to erect which help in tight scheduled programmes.

Commercial benefits

  • Using these on site have had cost benefits. The expected cost on Mount Street are as below:
    – 16 no. 6m catchfans with scaffold attachment = £352 per week hire
    – 30 no. mini catchfans = £600 per week hire

To find out more, click the link below.


Trad Safety Nets Click here to Download

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