Hazard Reporting System

Based on the concept that accidents don’t just happen, they are caused by something, Extraspace Solutions introduced a Hazard Reporting System in-house, which is active on their sites and factories. As a result, Extraspace Solutions has been accident report free for the past three years.

How does the Hazard Reporting System work?

Anyone on site (workers, suppliers, visitors) can report a hazard/ high risk situation they have seen on site through the use of ‘Shout! Cut it Out’ cards. These designed cards are available in designated holders in the canteen and other locations across the site. The observer outlines in writing the high risk situations observed on the Hazard Report cards and logs it with the site manager or puts it in the Feedback Boxes located in the canteen.


Feedback is given by the site manager on all entries, stating what has been done about what has been reported. The most helpful suggestion receives a £20 Amazon voucher.

How is the Hazard Reporting System publicised in-house?

A poster highlighting the Hazard Reporting System, produced by the SHEQ department, is placed in various locations across the site, such as the canteen, toilets and the site manager’s office, to encourage active involvement of staff, suppliers and site visitors. Extraspace Solutions also celebrate winning entries in the staff newsletter, which encourages peer support for the Hazard Reporting System.

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One thought on "Hazard Reporting System"

  1. Brigitte Murphy Dip BA MBA says:

    We at Extraspace Solutions are very pleased to have our Shout! Hazard Policy listed on the CCS Best Practice Hub as it is a system easy for companies of all sizes to implement, it encourages a safety mindset among workers and suppliers, and we have proven it to be effective across our UK and Ireland sites. Sometimes a simple solutions is best! It can as easily implemented in an App format. Wishing all sites a safe and happy work environment. Why should it be any other way!!

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