Spill Kit Training

What is it?

A spill kit presentation containing the following:

  • The impact of spillages and the legal context behind this
  • Examples of the different spill kits available on site and how to select the correct one to use for different substances
  • How to prevent a spillage from occurring or spreading
  • The steps to follow should a spillage occur
  • A short film to demonstrate an example of a spillage on site This is followed by a practical exercise on site that allows those who have undertaken the training to test what they have learnt and be prepared should a real spillage occur.

Why we use it?

  • The training informs operatives on site of the environmental and wellbeing impacts of spillages and how these can be reduced and contained.
  • It ensures that operatives are vigilant in their actions when working with substances that may cause harm, and are aware of the steps to follow should a spillage occur

Was it successful?

  • The training reduces the risk of a spillage that may cause harm to other people or the environment, this is because more operatives are made aware of the risk and how to reduce it
  • When the onsite practical exercise was undertaken, operatives involved were successfully able to identify the correct spill kit to use for the situation and eliminate the risk before it caused and harm to the environment or others.

The Next Steps

  • The Spill Kit Training will be repeated regularly across Lendlease sites to ensure that as many operatives are aware of the impact of spillages and how to minimise them as is possible
  • This further increases the safety on site and makes the projects more environmentally friendly.

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