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Due to the multiphase nature and multiple access points of this project, logistics is a key challenge.

The team examined different perspectives on logistics challenges and looked to learn from other industries, engaging with automotive software provider – Inform. Working with them and supply chain partners they developed a piece of software that addressed constraints associated with traditional delivery management systems. Allowing, the team to implement a solution that will grow and evolve with business changes. This increases productivity on projects by allowing more vehicles through the gates each day, supporting finishing on time.

This software is now available to the rest of the construction industry, has been live on this project for 2 years and has won several awards including the Supply Chain Excellence Award in 2020.

This software effectively manages logistics by:

  • Increased granularity of data for deliveries
  • Linking bay sizes with vehicle sizes
  • Adapted specifically to cater to multi-phase developments with multiple access gates
  • Creating consistent information for all projects
  • Transparency of information for all vehicles
  • Simple and intuitive input page for contractors
  • Inclusion of weekly logistics routes updated on the portal for each of the projects.
  • Best routes to the site included, minimising left turns & delivery tracking
  • Training videos and user guides for users

The enhanced delivery management system details out the best route to site and minimises journey distances, reducing a projects carbon footprint. The enhanced granularity of information allows further interrogation of vehicle movement to optimise delivery numbers.

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