TfL Roadworks Patrol

In 2014, at a Southwark construction working group, a cycling stakeholder raised concerns of how unsafe he felt cycling through certain TfL road works. To investigate we met on site to cycle through the highlighted issues from which traffic management changes were made to improve cycling thoroughfare. We agreed this was a good way to audit works and began to set up monthly roadwork patrols.

Rides are now open to all relevant stakeholders and often include representatives from:

  • Residents’ groups,
  • Police,
  • Developers,
  • Contractors,
  • Logistics Companies,
  • Cycle Campaigners,
  • Project managers,
  • Utility companies,
  • Consultants,
  • and Cycling instructors

We begin with a safety brief followed by details of the sites we are visiting and what to watch out for, such as road conditions, available carriageway and footway widths, HGV speeds/activities, TM layouts, other cycling and pedestrian behaviours.

All observed issues at sites, or on route, are noted with pictures taken. After the ride we usually sit in a café to run through and discuss our experiences and thoughts. These form a report which is then distributed.

The patrol methodology has been a catalyst for change, especially in the way TfL approaches roadworks design and conflict mitigation is being incorporated into assessment procedures. This includes interventions such as mandatory and advisory cycling facilities around roadworks and development loading areas.

The patrols allow cross-authority actions to be initiated, e.g. Utility Services, Local Authorities, linking adjacent developers to collaborate on shared local issues.

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7 thoughts on "TfL Roadworks Patrol"

  1. Kate Bartlett says:

    At London Cycling Campaign we are fully supportive of these cycling patrols and have valued the experience of participating in them.
    Starting with the objective of ensuring the experience of vulnerable road users is not worsened by the presence of the worksite and its traffic management is spot on. Then looking at what vulnerable road users actually experience around the site rather than a theoretical approach based on conformity to a list of design standards really supports this objective.
    Involving developers and contractors also really helps in building up their insight into the experience of VRUs.
    But it’s not just about meeting the needs of VRUs. Often we have found that a traffic management approach that works for VRUs also works for the developers. For example in this case study retaining segregated space for cycling also helps developers by significantly reducing potential for HGV/cyclist collisions. In other cases identification of suitable HGV holding areas has enabled significant fuel savings for developers.

  2. Andy Cawdell says:

    As the progenitor of this scheme as Cooordinator of Southwark Cyclists I owe a huge vote of thanks to Michael Barrret of TFL to take this forward.

    We also owe a vote of thanks to support from “the Met” – especially PC Linney who rides with us and adds weight to our “on the street” “recommendations” , members of the embedded Industrial HGV Task Force and Commercial Vehicle Units and project managers and other staff from contractors involved in the various sites along our way.

    We have been “riding the roadworks” for almost three years and process and practic has developed to encompass the needs of all vulnerable road users.

    And we hope to encourage contractors to extend their health and safety practice from sitr operatatives to those impacted in the local area and community – both during site working hours and outside them – e,g, by not creating unlit areas that increase street robbery risk

  3. Kevin Holland says:

    This is a fantastic initiative which TfL’s Michael Barratt has launched to change mindsets of those within the construction industry managing sites which adjoin TfL’s road network. The cycle patrols enable those responsible for construction site management to view sites from the perspective of a cyclist.

    Tiger Highways keenly supports the works and found it invaluable to promote awareness of the issues faced with managing construction site access and the impact on cyclists. On the patrols it gives the opportunity to witness first hand the good and bad design decisions and operational management of the sites and offers insights into good traffic management solutions to make the areas safe, welcoming and improve corporate image. A very worth while project.

  4. Andy Osborne says:

    This is a fantastic project which allows stakeholders, partners and other interested parties to identify things that do or don’t work first hand and to share their thoughts. Considering that the people involved approach this from different backgrounds and experience it allows them to view whatever the issues are from different perspectives, allowing for solutions to be proposed that may not ordinarily be considered.

  5. Emma Attwood says:

    McGee was kindly invited by TfL to partake in cycle patrols around London. Our company ‘CCS Champion’ jumped on a Santander bike and took on the role of a cyclist in a live environment. He cycled the traffic management planned for the routes and reviewed them with the cycle patrol attendees to raise both positive and negative issues; to bring the best outcome for cyclists and other vulnerable road users as well as the construction sites.

    It is a great opportunity for McGee to share construction industry knowledge and to help review and give input into logistics plans. It also allows the company a more in depth understanding on how cyclists and other vulnerable road users would operate around such plans. It has been a important learning experience and some great points have been taken away from the patrol to feedback to our site management teams.

    As a company we highly recommend taking part in the patrols.

  6. Jeffrey Collins says:

    I have ridden on a few of the roadwork patrols, being a cyclist in London, and find it offers the opportunity to meet with the relevant people, review the difficult areas and have a viewpoint on the potential hazards surrounding the constructions sites. Personally I also get a chance to highlight the developers issues in utility works which not all cyclist will note / understand.
    Very good initiative very many benefits.

  7. ben wye says:

    An inspired idea that we will try to adopt in Crewe, thank you

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