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Proplex Closed Loop Remanufacturing Scheme

Published 14 October 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesPlastics and packaging Recycle Sustainable solutions Working methods and equipment

The UK construction industry has one of the highest rates of waste, and as a manufacturer of plastic temporary protection materials this contractor is passionate about sustainability and changing the way people think within the industry and the wider economy. This contractor has invested in a state-of-the-art wash plant and recycling line. This enables them to collect used, contaminated materials…

Adjustable Length Lifting Cage

Published 14 October 2021 | Written by Gareth McNary
CategoriesFalling debris Working methods

In line with the contractors drive to using positive lifting points when lifting to height, an idea from the Lead Appointed Person was developed, manufactured and site tested. This idea was an adjustable length lifting cage to improve the safe lifting of materials such as scaffold tubes, reinforcement bar, pipes and partition tracks. It can also accommodate a rescue stretcher…

Noise Control for Hoist Operators

Published 4 October 2021 | Written by Ruth Trant
CategoriesAwareness Working methods and equipment

On construction sites there are many different noise sources, and the construction industry is a high risk for noise related ill health. For hoist operators, one of the major noise sources is the impact noise when opening and closing hoist doors and lifting or lowering the ramp. By retrofitting parts of the hoist such as the chains and ramp with…

Veterans Committee

Published 16 August 2021 | Written by Cara McAinsh
CategoriesDiversity Equality Inclusion Management attitudes

This contractor has a family of veterans working within the business including a group of ex-armed forces and ex-‘blue’ light service personnel who have landed in the construction industry one way or another. In order to support each other to the very best of their abilities, their Veterans Committee was formed. The Chairman and Vice Chairman are both ex-army, and…

English Lessons and Other Qualifications for Speakers of Other Languages

Published 16 August 2021 | Written by Wally Alvarez
CategoriesBenefits Cultural needs Disadvantaged groups Diversity Equality Illegal workers Language Differences Literacy training Modern slavery Numeracy training Training

This contractor have been working collaboratively with Lambeth College and London South Bank University (LSBU), to pilot a  programme which aims to upskill diverse members of their workforce who are foreign and often struggle with the English language, providing them with the opportunity to learn and feel more comfortable engaging with other people on site. This voluntary course will also…

Signol Application in the Construction Sector

Published 2 August 2021 | Written by Rafaele Santos
CategoriesEfficient energy use Efficient fuel use Management Travel plans

Signol is a software and proactive communication service that uses behavioural science to motivate and influence key decision-makers in transport operations to consistently implement sustainable best practices. Signol can generate measurable changes in behaviour by framing feedback with behaviourally informed nudges and incentives. This software uses the latest behavioural science to motivate and influence decision-makers in transport operations, not only…

Carbon Offsetting Incentives

Published 2 August 2021 | Written by Matthew Hugo
CategoriesCarbon management Planting Reporting and offsetting

This contractor is trying to create a more environmentally and carbon aware workforce through a number of different schemes. Seminars are a good way to do this however, they have found the best way is through incentives. By incentivising carbon offsetting through their employee of the month programme, they are creating a culture that is more aware of the carbon…

Effective Workforce Development through Mentoring using Cloud Technology

Published 19 July 2021 | Written by Chris Dransfield
CategoriesMentoring Training

This contractor in partnership with Australian based company Mentorloop, have rolled out an approach to improve mentoring support across the project. The cloud-based system uses specialised algorithms to provide the best possible matches across the team, creating matches which otherwise may not have been obvious. It can be accessed from anywhere and provides updates and alerts to both mentors and…

Lateral Transport Unit

Published 12 July 2021 | Written by Olivia Hack
CategoriesOccupational health risks Worker fatigue Working methods

Due to the complex nature of manoeuvring heavy, pre-cast soffit slabs in a site with many logistical constraints and challenges, the project engineers researched into what they could use to facilitate the movement of the slabs, whilst also reducing the associated health and safety risks. The slabs are required to be moved between different levels and different columns which, is…

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Published 5 July 2021 | Written by Olivia Hack
CategoriesInspections Monitoring and reporting Rivers/watercourses Spill control Water saving measures Working methods and equipment

To tackle a reoccurring issue of obstructions getting caught in the projects water flow meters and subsequently not recording accurately, the project has procured an electromagnetic flow meter. The measuring principle of this electromagnetic flow meter is based on Faraday’s Law. An electrode voltage is created when a conductive liquid pass through the flowmeter’s magnetic field. This eliminates any blockages…

Happy Growing

Published 24 May 2021 | Written by Samantha Butterworth
CategoriesPlanting Schools

Happy Growing is an eco-friendly “grow-your-own” kit. Understanding the concept of harvest-to-home, is essential to the environment and to sustainability in the future. Happy Growing is part of a wider campaign to be developed at Castle Park View and beyond, to assist families who live with no access to gardens. The hope is that they can experience and develop an…

Using Antimicrobial Proplex Sheeting

Published 21 September 2020 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCleaning regime Medical conditions Occupational health risks

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Protec International have developed a brand new protective sheet which has had antimicrobial additives added to the blending process. Adding this process means that the sheet inhibits the growth of or destroys 99.99% of all harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and moulds. It has been proven to be effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as…