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Site Access Traffic Marshal Training

Published 27 September 2021 | Written by Andy Brooke
CategoriesAccess/egress CLOCS Traffic management Training

Site Access Traffic Marshals (SATMs) stationed at the site entrance are the primary and critical interface between the site, fleet operations and the public. They ensure only authorised vehicles and people enter the site, while also ensuring vehicles entering and leaving the site do so safely and efficiently. Competent SATMs are recognised by progressive contractors as essential members of the…

Assessing Inclusive Access during Coronavirus via Virtual Meetings using Video Technology

Published 8 March 2021 | Written by Michael Barratt MBE
CategoriesCycle safety Pedestrian safety Traffic management

The pandemic has, for many of us, changed the journeys we make. As we spend more time in our local areas, active travel is a healthy, easy and convenient way of getting around for shorter journeys. It is a priority now more than ever that ‘everyone’ is able to access footways and facilities as part of their daily exercise to…

Promoting TFL’s Online Cycle Skills Course to the Workforce

Published 15 February 2021 | Written by Bruno Tiosso
CategoriesCycle safety Cycle safety Pedestrian safety Training Workforce information

Since the pandemic started the project team have taken measures to encourage the use of bicycle to travel around London, therefore having less site works using public transport. On a daily basis around 50 site workers use the projects bike store, with a large number of the workforce using Santander Cycles. Therefore, to promote safety they have been promoting TFL’s…

Sponsorship of Road Safety Scheme

Published 19 January 2021 | Written by Sally Kinchin
CategoriesChild safety Community liaison Goodwill Pedestrian safety Schools Traffic management

The project team at Langley Grammar School have sponsored the ‘Outside your school’ Road Safety Campaign in the Slough area. The funding pays for: Campaign posters, materials and communications. Pages on multiple campaign websites. Multiple Twitter campaign announcements. Multiple Facebook campaign announcements. The campaign aims to combat the prevalence of dangerous and inappropriate driver behaviour in the vicinity of schools,…

Road User Collaboration

Published 15 September 2020 | Written by Laura Carter
CategoriesCycle safety Driver information Initiatives Vehicle enhancements

The project team recently had a member of the community, a London cyclist that travels past the Hackney site on a regular basis, travel in one of their HGV’s around London and the surrounding areas to show how they help to keep other road users safe. The cyclist commented: “This morning I have had the experience of sitting in the…

Cargo Bike Loading Bay Collaboration

Published 29 June 2020 | Written by Michael Barratt MBE
CategoriesAccess/egress Cycle safety Initiatives Working methods

The Mayor, through TfL, is working with London boroughs, businesses and the freight and servicing industry to reduce the adverse impacts of freight and service vehicles on the street network. The aims are to reduce the number of lorries and vans entering central London in the morning peak by 10 per cent by 2026 and incorporating cargo bikes can help…

Introducing Cargo Bikes into the Construction Industry

Published 4 May 2020 | Written by Michael Barratt MBE
CategoriesCycle safety Efficient energy use Efficient fuel use Energy saving measures Public diversions Traffic management arrangements Travel plans Utility works

Cargo bikes are bicycles that have been specifically designed to carry goods of various sizes and weights. The bicycles come in a variety of forms between two, three and four wheeled custom-built frames. Many bikes are now fitted with electric pedal assist motors to help riders manage their daily activities. The Mayor, through TfL, is working with London boroughs, businesses…

Considering Alternative Cycle Routes During Works

Published 20 April 2020 | Written by Michael Barratt MBE
CategoriesAccess/egress Cycle safety Driver information Initiatives

Cycling is a fundamental element towards attaining a healthier lifestyle and benefits from the negative pollution normally associated with motor vehicles. However, there are numerous barriers to cycling especially during roadworks. For many people, lack of confidence and feelings of vulnerability are common reasons for not cycling. To encourage more cycling, Transport for London (TfL) is constructing more cycle networks….

Experiencing a Cyclist’s Perspective Using a 360 Degree Camera

Published 8 April 2020 | Written by Michael Barratt MBE
CategoriesAir quality Camera Cycle safety Driver information Reporting Risk information Roads

The Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy, published in 2018, sets out a vision for a healthier, greener and more prosperous city. The strategy makes clear that a new type of thinking is required to increase active, efficient and sustainable travel to help achieve this vision for London. The strategy uses the ‘Healthy Streets’ approach which makes health and personal experience…

Bicycle Service Station

Published 8 April 2020 | Written by Nick Morrissey
CategoriesCycle safety

To further encourage personnel to cycle to work, we installed a bicycle service station, which has a pump and a whole range of tethered tools to repair or service any type of bicycle. The service station also has a bracket on which to place one’s bicycle, to negate the need to bend down. This makes it much easier and safer…

Using Signal Timings to Reduce HGV Impacts

Published 2 March 2020 | Written by Michael Barratt MBE
CategoriesPublic concerns Public diversions Roads Routes Speed limits Timings Traffic management Traffic management arrangements Traffic marshal

Transport for London (TfL), London Borough of Hackney and JRL collaborated to reduce the negative impacts caused by challenging road layouts and the associated lengthy diversions for HGVs. Lorries and vans play a pivotal part in London’s economy and are a necessary part of construction. Since 2010, the movements of goods vehicles have increased by approximately 20%, which is negatively…

Concrete Pour Collaboration

Published 24 February 2020 | Written by Michael Barratt MBE
CategoriesCooperation Cycle safety Local and special needs Ramps Residents Roads Routes Sensitivity to neighbours Timings Traffic management Traffic management arrangements Unloading Worker fatigue

This major concrete pour was successfully completed over the weekend of 29th November 2019 with minimal disruption to the network, no reported safety issues and 16 hours ahead of schedule. 533 lorries delivered 4000m3 of concrete non-stop over 31 hours from 7pm on Friday until 2am on Sunday. TfL’s Network Management Team worked meticulously with main contractor Multiplex to: Agree…

TV Screen for Cyclists

Published 25 November 2019 | Written by James Morfitt
CategoriesAccess/egress Cycle safety Residents Roads Routes Traffic management arrangements

When planning our compound and hoarding, it became evident that the vehicles exiting the neighbouring building would not have a clear view of oncoming cyclists in the cycle lane. There would be an elevated risk to cyclists due to our hoarding and pedestrian walkway. A camera was installed which relays live images of the bicycle lane to vehicles at the…

Road Safety Week with CEMEX

Published 25 November 2019 | Written by Charlotte Ross
CategoriesCycle safety Residents Risk information Roads Schools

Ahead of National Road Safety Week, over 1,000 local school children enjoyed a day of interactive workshops and classes to teach them about staying safe as cyclists and pedestrians. The team from Southall Waterside, including representatives from Berkeley and building materials supplier CEMEX, visited three primary schools in Southall in their third annual road safety campaign. The events also marked…

Vision Zero Collaboration

Published 4 November 2019 | Written by Michael Barratt MBE
CategoriesCycle safety Injuries Residents Roads Speed limits Traffic management Traffic management arrangements

Each year around 4,000 people are killed or seriously injured on London’s roads. People walking, cycling or riding motorcycles make up 80% of deaths and serious injuries on London’s roads. In July 2018, the Mayor of London, Transport for London (TfL) and the Metropolitan Police launched a bold ‘Vision Zero Action Plan’ to end the toll of deaths and serious…