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STEM Live Lessons

Published 5 March 2024 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesCommunity engagement Plan to positively promote construction Promoting construction as a career choice Schools and nurseries

A live STEM lesson was carried out which reached children all over the world, to teach them about the Everton Stadium and also careers in the industry. The total number of children that have now watched the live lesson has passed 20,000. The 45-minute lessons focused on engineering design, 3D technologies, properties of materials, and mechanical systems. It also looked…

Vita Load Navigator

Published 5 March 2024 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesControls Risk assessments

This contractor is using this device to remotely control the position of a suspended load without the need for tag lines. Using in built GPS sensors it will also hold a suspended load in a set position without needing operator engagement. The device removes the need for a banksperson to be close to a suspended load or hold a tag…

Robotic Cutter

Published 5 March 2024 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesDust Modern methods of construction Noise

This project is using a robotic cutter called Cut’n Move. This has been created to free pavers from the tedious and straining work of tile cutting. Working in sync with a conventional paving process, it automates the cutting process and triples the productivity. The whole system is operated through an easy-to-use tablet interface with a fleet manager software that allows…

Modular Integrated Plumbing System

Published 5 March 2024 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesModern methods of construction Prefabrication

During the early design and construction planning phases, the concourse toilet areas were identified as congested multi trade service zones requiring architectural finishes. A product based installation required investigation as a solution to help reduce the associated risks with multiple trades in these areas whilst reducing construction based activities, to seek efficiencies and programme improvements based on their standard DfMA…

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