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EKSO ZeroG System

Published 22 July 2019 | Written by Alan Jones
CategoriesOccupational health risks Worker fatigue

The site has introduced the  which uses EKSO ZeroG System technology to help ease the burden of regularly handling tools and equipment. The design of the product allows it to be fitted onto existing scaffold handrails or the handrails of mobile elevated working platforms and uses harness straps to attach a variety of tools. Benefits include taking the weight of…

Fatigue Monitoring System

Published 24 June 2019 | Written by Kevin Roodt
CategoriesMental health Occupational health risks Worker fatigue

Considering the importance that the HSE places on fatigue and working excessive, along with our focus on Mental health, we decided to have Datascope create a way in which to record and clearly indicate the number of hours worked per operative per week. A report is then automatically created and sent to the Goodmans Fields management team to review on…

Geotechnical Pallet Lifters

Published 17 June 2019 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesOccupational health risks Worker fatigue Working methods

An idea that a CAN Site Manager came up with when working on other projects was a spring loaded pallet lifter to try and reduce manual handling for operatives when working with our grout plants. In principle, it was a pretty simple but very effective piece of kit that was manufactured for the Scarborough project. When a 1.5 ton pallet…

Mobile Site Accommodation

Published 29 April 2019 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCanteen Changing Recreation Rest Separate facilities Showers Worker fatigue

Mid 2018 saw GBM Demolition make the business decision to design and build a series of transportable site accommodation trailers. Each one features separate sleeping accommodation for up to five people, complete with TV, heating and individual en-suite bathrooms with showers, as well as a shared fully operational kitchen and mess facility. Each unit comes to site with the access…

Onsite Drivers’ Rest Station

Published 25 March 2019 | Written by Deborah Madden
CategoriesDriver information Recreation Rest Worker fatigue

We recognised that drivers within our supply chain were taking their breaks in vehicles which is not ideal! As we have enforced zero idling on our site, we decided to make a change by offering somewhere to relax while taking breaks or waiting for unloading. This has undoubtedly had a positive impact in the direct environment of the site, as…

Electric Wheelbarrows

Published 25 February 2019 | Written by Pedro Flores
CategoriesCarbon footprint reporting Noise Occupational health risks Worker fatigue

Recently on one of our sites, operatives were challenged by the difficulties in renovating a historic Grade II listed building in London City Centre. The project had various environmental requirements that needed to be met, such as noise restrictions and air quality standards. Nevertheless one of the most challenging adversities was the size of the site, which required operatives to…

Morning Warm-up Exercises

Published 10 December 2018 | Written by Stephane Hossard
CategoriesHealthy lifestyle advice Injuries Occupational health risks Worker fatigue

At our Pontoon Dock site, we constantly try to improve the health and wellbeing of our workforce. We believe that we our obliged to provide our construction workers with the highest standards in terms of safety and working conditions. Using a variety of methods, we can make our jobs easier and preserve our safety. The warm up exercises in the…

Self-Help and Wellbeing Resource Board

Published 10 December 2018 | Written by Kurt Williams
CategoriesDrugs and alcohol policy Healthy lifestyle advice Mental health Notice board Posters Stress Vaping Worker fatigue

We have developed a resource board that offers practical advice and and contact information for the following issues: Mental Health Smoking Alcohol and Drugs Debt Healthy Eating Stress Exercise The board is a one stop shop designed for those that are reluctant to ask for help, giving them the option to help themselves. The board is displayed in the site…

Construction Industry Helpline App

Published 10 December 2018 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesConsultants Guidance Guidance Mental health Programming Stress Worker fatigue

The Lighthouse Club Construction Industry Charity, who run the Construction Industry Helpline, launched a new app on the 7th December 2018 in collaboration with COINS (a construction software firm) and Building Mental Health (an online information portal about mental health, also developed by the charity). The new Construction Industry Helpline app will be a free, confidential service aimed at providing…

Off road holding area collaboration

Published 17 October 2018 | Written by Michael Barratt MBE
CategoriesCLOCS Initiatives Traffic management Unloading Worker fatigue

In 2015, 107 pedal cyclists and 186 pedestrians were killed or seriously injured on British roads in accidents involving at least one HGV. HGVs were involved in 25% of pedestrian fatalities and almost 60% of cyclist fatalities. According to the European Transport Safety Council (2001), indications have shown that driver fatigue is a contributing factor in approximately 20% of HGV…

Gripping Hand Tool for Lifting

Published 24 May 2018 | Written by Stephane Hossard
CategoriesOccupational health risks Worker fatigue

At Pontoon Dock site, we constantly try to improve the wellbeing of our workforce. We believe that we have the obligation to provide our construction workers the highest standards in terms of working conditions. Using new tools, we can make their jobs easier and preserve their health. It is an investment in the long term and a win-win situation. The…

Andon App to Monitor Productivity

Published 16 May 2018 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCommunicate initiatives Incident procedures Worker fatigue

Sites should seek to maximise efficiency while minimising any waste or pollution as a result of construction work. See the examples below for how one site addressed this: The site team began using a new internal workplace app called Andon, which tracks and monitors productivity and location of gangs on site in real time. Using this app allows the office…

Electronic GRAHAM Wellbeing Hub

Published 16 May 2018 | Written by Caroline Gee
CategoriesHealthy lifestyle advice Intranet Mental health Worker fatigue

GRAHAM have developed an online portal to manage their wellbeing programme more effectively, allowing employees to self-manage diagnostics, appointments and gain access to additional wellbeing support resources including videos on wellbeing subjects and access to national and local wellbeing services. Accessible through the intranet for staff and employees the GRAHAM Wellbeing Hub promotes key wellbeing messages to everyone, from the…

Phone Home Room

Published 14 May 2018 | Written by Nyron Higgins
CategoriesMental health Phone Recreation Rest Stress Wi-Fi

Mount Anvil has introduced a room on all our sites with Free WiFi and a tablet if needed, to enable the workforce to contact their family whilst at work. This is to help combat stress and mental health issues related to those who work away from home and have minimal contact with their loved ones. These rooms have proved a…

Human Behaviour and Safety

Published 9 April 2018 | Written by Mark Harriman
CategoriesStress Worker fatigue Workforce consultation

Tarmac’s maintenance contract for Walsall Council entered into a study along with Emily Kitson of Surrey Business School. The study was to understand how stress can affect a person’s safety while at work. The outcome has been to feed this information back to our HR teams to be included for future recruitment tests, and also so that HR understand that…