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Astro Turf Muck Remover

Published 23 April 2018 | No comments
Written by Gavin Thomas
CategoriesCleaning and maintenance regime
Mucky boots are commonplace on construction sites and we employ many aids to help prevent the workforce from carrying the muck on their boots, such as boot brushes etc. We have found that by installing off-cuts of recycled astroturf to the compound walk ways, the workers’ boots naturally shed the muck as they walk. This is easily cleared away and...

Riser Grillage Toe Boards

Published 9 March 2018 | No comments
Written by Gavin Thomas
CategoriesFalling objects
It is now common practice to install the riser grillages on buildings as soon or the same frame that the build Superstructure is installed. This ensures that there are no falls from height present during the build from the time the superstructure is completed. The introduction of Riser Grillage Toe Boards is the next level of building in good practice...

Digital Construction Apprenticeships

Published 27 February 2018 | No comments
Written by Gavin Thomas
CategoriesColleges and universities Promoting construction as a career choice Training plans
Kier is a forward-thinking company that seeks to attract and retain construction talent of the future. To support this, we have launched a new digital construction apprenticeship scheme, which we believe is the first of its kind in the industry, and which embeds BIM as a foundation that can be used for on the job practical application and delivery of...

LED Walkways

Published 27 February 2018 | No comments
Written by Gavin Thomas
CategoriesAdequate lighting Positioning of equipment, lighting and CCTV
LED Lighting is now becoming a very cost effective way of lighting areas within construction. On our site we are currently utilising red LED hose pipe type lighting to light external safe paths as a means of cost effective lighting which limits the amount of light pollution which is normally emitted from our sites. For less than £100 it is...

Funnel Bins at Service Areas

Published 19 February 2018 | No comments
Written by Phillip Jaap
CategoriesPeriodic inspection and clean-up of boundaries Placement of waste
Overview of the trial Highways England gave Area 3 the opportunity to trial the Tuben funnel bins. The trial was undertaken at Winchester Services and consisted of the installation of three funnel bins, two at standard car height and one at truck height. Each of the bins had a large sticker on them which demonstrated how to use the bin...

First Aid Drones

Published 26 January 2018 | No comments
Written by Gavin Thomas
CategoriesEmergency preparedness First aid
Due to the first aid response times on site, we have setup a drone to allow a first aid kit and/or defibrillator to be used to transport the items to the injured. In the Risk and Method statement we have identified issues such as notifying the site that a drone is in use and for all other works to stop...

Plastic Sheeting Take Back Scheme

Published 21 November 2017 | No comments
Written by Gavin Thomas
CategoriesCircular economy Reduced use of single use plastics
On our site we use floor protection products from Protec who have developed a take-back scheme that collects used proplex sheets as well as other twinwall corrugated plastic sheeting of any size, thickness and colour. They then recycle these sheets, thus providing a ‘closed loop’ solution to a potential waste product. There are just a few simple ground rules on...

Movable Material Storage Rack

Published 21 November 2017 | No comments
Written by Gavin Thomas
CategoriesDesignated storage locations
On our site we have used a racking system to store typical site materials which would generally be stored within the buildings being constructed. These types of materials are usually stored in the corner of a room behind barriers making them difficult to get to. The racking systems can easily be neatly stacked and readily available the materials can be...

Environmental Activity Book

Published 7 November 2017 | No comments
Written by Daniel Manlove
CategoriesEducation Schools and nurseries
Kier Construction is currently working on the development of St Faiths & St Martins Primary School. As part of our engagement with the school, an environmental workbook has been created to distribute to the pupils. The workbook aims to increase their awareness of environmental issues and best practice. The workbook is fun, interactive and includes puzzles, exercises and advice on...

Trad Safety Nets

Published 9 October 2017 | No comments
Written by Ryan Southern
CategoriesFalling objects Pedestrian safety
What is it? Safety nets are typically used as a safeguard against falling objects. Traditionally, scaffold fan boards have been used. On our Mount Street site, Trad safety nets are used at Level 2 (Pedestrian Level) and Mini Catch Fans are being used for the first time in the UK. How does it work? Trad Catch Fan Systems cantilever 3.2m...

Interactive Hoardings 1 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 5

Published 16 June 2017 | No comments
Written by Gavin Thomas
CategoriesRegular updates of progress
At Kier we believe that first impressions and site appearance play a massive part in how we are viewed by the outside world, neighbours, passers-by and the workforce. At our scheme Sports Park 2 we introduced a silhouette of a Sea Binocular to our hoarding to act as a viewing hole to the site. We then placed a weather proof...

Tax Advice

Published 1 June 2017 | No comments
Written by Gavin Thomas
CategoriesFinancial/debt management
With so many different work life situations within the construction industry, it can be very difficult for the workforce to understand and process their taxes. Many can be self employed, sub contracted, fully employed, staff, directors of small companies or a mixture and there is never one rule for all situations. We realised that this can be a big problem...

Construction plant appearance

Published 19 April 2017 | No comments
Written by Gavin Thomas
CategoriesPeriodic inspection and clean-up of boundaries
We in the construction industry often have new plant in form of excavators, alloy towers and barriers coming through the life cycle of the scheme. These look very well presented until used and then can become dirty quite quickly, which ultimately brings down the appearance of the site and often the workforce using the equipment. This is strange considering how...

Traffic Management Using a 3D Site Model

Published 10 April 2017 | No comments
Written by Gavin Thomas
CategoriesPlanning of traffic routes
At the Sports Park 2 scheme, Kier implemented a hand made 3D model which was created by the site team to demonstrate Traffic Management. The 3D model, when placed on the scaled drawing of the site plan, was found to be a brilliant visual display for inductions, daily briefings and demonstrating the particular difficulties in traffic management of the scheme. To...

Cultural Diversity

Published 29 November 2016 | No comments
Written by Gary Long
CategoriesDisadvantaged and minority groups support English not as first language support Suitable/accessible separate facilities
To support an ever growing cultural diversity amongst our workforce, we have adopted simple provisions to make sure everybody feels welcome and are able to make a positive contribution to the project. Our site is not the biggest, but we have been able to accommodate a prayer room in one of the smaller offices and at selected times of the...