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Tower Crane Safety

Published 14 November 2016 | No comments
Written by Tom Spencer
CategoriesControlled access
The Kier site team at Finlake Holiday Park have taken the following steps to reduce the risks associated with unauthorised access to the tower crane. The tower crane base must be restricted by the provision of a two metre (minimum height) solid or anti-climb panel enclosure c/w an access door – this is to prevent potential trespassers from accessing the...

Drugs and Alcohol Testing during Ramadan 1 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 51 vote, average: 5.00 out of 5

Published 8 August 2016 | No comments
Written by Andrew Shepherd
CategoriesDisadvantaged and minority groups support Random substance testing
Due to the diverse workforce on site we have requested the drugs and alcohol testing company bring saliva testing kits with them instead of just urine during Ramadan. This caters for those involved with Ramadan traditions where operatives may struggle to supply sufficient sample due to the reduced intake of liquids.

Fire Retardant PPE

Published 13 April 2016 | No comments
Written by Sarah Carey
At Kier Construction we have a minimum standard for subcontractors who use burning equipment on site. Therefore we request the use of full fire retardant PPE for the cutting of piles on site. The use of the fire retardant PPE reduces the risk to the operative substantially, providing the worker with a safer method of carrying out the works. This clothing must...

Site Speed Trap

Published 1 March 2016 | No comments
Written by Jack Dorney
CategoriesSafety signage
The Kier Construction IKB Wellsway team set a strict 5mph speed limit on site with the use of proprietary signage and a speed gun. Used primarily at times when there was a high turnover of lorry movements such as during large concrete pours and when muckaway lorries were on site. Any driver found to be speeding was given a toolbox talk...

Engaging with Students to Ensure Eco Friendly Welfare Units

Published 3 September 2015 | No comments
Written by Samuel Dove
CategoriesConserve of energy Education Energy efficient plant and equipment Involvement Local groups
It is important to make the younger generation aware of the issues surrounding the environment and the opportunities that are available to ensure that we do as little harm as possible. As the construction industry is stereotyped as having a negative impact on the environment, we challenged a group of students from the South Dartmoor Academy to research and present back to...