PPE Recycling

Published 12 September 2016 | No comments
Written by Charlotte Taylor
CategoriesRe-use Recycle
PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) recycling & re-use is helping the A6MARR cut spend on new PPE products, helping with waste management & sustainability. The recycling of PPE has many benefits including, Savings range between 30% – 80% Most PPE can be washed more than once Landfill costs reduced as you are no longer throwing away PPE Carbon footprint reduced Better...

Immersive technology for training purposes – ‘Mission Room’

Published 12 September 2016 | No comments
Written by Tom Cummins
CategoriesCamera Training
Mission Room is an innovative and unique training and awareness experience with an award winning and proven track record in the Rail industry. Mission Room brings the workplace into the training room, giving everyone the same big picture, and providing safe and instant access to complex and hazardous environments. The products provide the perfect bridge between theoretical, sterile classroom training...


Published 12 September 2016 | No comments
Written by Charlotte Taylor
CategoriesHazardous substance storage Spill control
The EnviroPad is a lightweight, durable and innovative spill/drip hydrocarbon retention pad, preventing oil based pollutants from entering the environment. Following a successful demonstration of the polymer used in EnviroPads, the A6MARR team have trialled them on site. The polymer traps hydrocarbons within the pad and coverts it to a rubber mass, letting rainwater pass through the pad. Once the...

Pile Cracking to Reduce HAVS

Published 3 August 2016 | No comments
Written by Sean Clements
CategoriesInitiatives Management Occupational health risks Worker fatigue
At Oak Lodge School we have trialled a method of quickly removing the tops of cast concrete piles using mobile plant (excavator) rather than the traditional method of breaking down piles using hand tools (breakers etc). This significantly reduces the exposure to HAVS. A small section of pipe (50mm diameter) is fixed to the rebar cage just above the cut...

Delivery Time Clock

Published 15 June 2016 | No comments
Written by Daniel Rush
CategoriesDriver information Routes Timings Unloading
A standard clock in the office has been shaded with restricted delivery times. When a delivery driver phones the site office to gain access, a simple glance at the shaded clock will easily show if this is within or outside permitted delivery times. This is a simple, cost effective way of making sure deliveries do not affect the surrounding community.

Dumpmaster used to reduce manual handling

Published 6 June 2016 | No comments
Written by Paul Watkins
CategoriesControls Injuries Occupational health risks Safety plan updated Worker fatigue
The Site Team working at Queens Hill Primary School in Norwich are currently using a Dumpmaster which aids the workforce with manual handling issues. We have wheelie bins around the site of different colours which are for each of the different trades. These are then wheeled to a central location where the skips are lined up. The wheelie bin is placed inside...

Creating a ‘Site of Life Savers’

Published 13 May 2015 | No comments
Written by Mari Luz Gray
CategoriesCampaigns Defibrillators First Aid Training
In February 2015, the Morgan Sindall team working on the C350 Pudding Mill Lane project held an occupational health campaign focused on coronary health. Events included tool box talks, site stand down, defibrillator training for all first aiders and mini health checks. One of the aims of the campaign was to create a ‘Site of Lifesavers’ where, using the British...

Wormery Composting System

Published 13 May 2015 | No comments
Written by Mari Luz Gray
CategoriesImplementation Re-use
The Morgan Sindall team working on the C350 Pudding Mill Lane project has set up a wormery composting system. Vermicomposting involves the use of worms to process organic wastes into nutrient rich compost and is a simple way to reduce the volume of waste which has to be sent off site. Suitable composting material includes teabags, coffee grounds, egg shells,...