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Using Antimicrobial Proplex Sheeting

Published 21 September 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Protec International have developed a brand new protective sheet

Using Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Drivers with Construction Trainees

Published 7 September 2020

Adopting educational teaching methodology for construction trainees using Social, Moral, Spiritual

Tracking Systems for Monitoring the Movements of the Existing Bridge Deck

Published 7 September 2020

The contractor has utilised a combination of two tracking systems for monitoring the movements of

Social Hub for Operatives

Published 7 September 2020

At this current time, the project management team felt that it was crucial for people to feel that

Self Sanitising Door Handle Covers

Published 7 September 2020

The project team sourced self-sanitising door handle covers from ‘Purehold’. These were

Reducing Environmental Impact of Implementing a Temporary Car Park

Published 7 September 2020

A large temporary car park has been formed on the footprint of what will be a sports pitch area. It

Quieter Method of Removing Redundant Existing Piling

Published 7 September 2020

This company implemented a quieter method of removing redundant existing piling which has a driven

QR Code Signing In System

Published 7 September 2020

The site is trialling a new sign in system using a QR code linked to a website. This is a company

Public Use Hand Sanitisers

Published 7 September 2020

The site has installed a range of hand sanitisers outside the site that have been made available

Improving the Safety of Tower Crane Lifting Operations

Published 7 September 2020

As the Tower Cranes (TC) became increasingly busy and the concrete frame was growing, it was

Discussing the Issue of Racism with the Workforce

Published 7 September 2020

The site held a virtual meeting attended by over 150 staff to discuss racism following on the

Bin Tipper Attachment for a Telehandler

Published 7 September 2020

GT Lifting Solutions Ltd were contacted and requested to develop a concept for a bin tipper

Great Expectations Mural

Published 1 September 2020

The ‘Great Expectations’ mural celebrates the long history of service provided by the Royal

Matterport Technology for Progress Reporting

Published 17 August 2020

This technology creates a 'digital twin' of the construction site. Construction progress can be

Interactive 4D Animation to Show Daily Construction Progress

Published 17 August 2020

Creation of an interactive 4D animation that combines the BIM 3D Revit model with the latest

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