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Smile Plastics

Published 19 May 2022

This contractor has worked with Smile Plastics on their site in London. The start-up company

Plastics Film Screening

Published 9 May 2022

This contractor booked a meeting room to hold a screening of the docu-film 'A Plastic

Folding Bikes for the Project Team

Published 2 August 2021

To aid in getting the project team back on site safety during the coronavirus restrictions where

Electric Screed Pump

Published 2 August 2021

There is some speculation that because plant is electric that it won’t perform as well, so

Hope for Justice Site Membership

Published 5 July 2021

On this project they have undergone four online sessions with external organisation Hope for

HVO Green D+ Fuel Trials

Published 26 April 2021

This contractor is using HVO Green D+ as an alternative fuel type made from Hydro Treated Vegetable

Noise Mitigations and Complaints Handling

Published 21 December 2020

The project team implemented a series of noise mitigations combined with community relations

Waste Scorecard

Published 26 October 2020

Mace are working hard to reduce their waste tonnages from site, particularly focused on the

Modern Slavery Event

Published 26 October 2020

As part of their work in tackling Modern Slavery, the team at One Crown Place held an event with

Carbon Footprint Leaderboard

Published 26 October 2020

Mace launched their Net Zero Carbon (NZC) strategy in January 2020, and have held several webinars,

Plastics Scorecard

Published 4 November 2019

At Mace, we launched our 'Time To Act' campaign on plastics in 2018. We have company-wide focuses

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