Electric Screed Pump

There is some speculation that because plant is electric that it won’t perform as well, so awareness is currently an issue.

This contractor couldn’t find clean tech readily in the UK and looked into the European market to find solutions and therefore went to Germany and met with BMS and have since partnered with them and had a number of recommendations, so electric pumps could be feasible on sites they worked on.

The new pumps (Alpha E63) were tested on 3 small sites and some minor teething issues were resolved before moving to a bigger site.

The benefits of using this are:

  • Reduced carbon emissions: 100kg Co2 avoided per week based on previous trials on projects for fuel saving. Duration on site is July and August (8 weeks) therefore 800kg Co2e.
  • No fuel consumption. Runs on conventional site power (63 amp, 3 phase, 415 Volt)
  • Reduction on noise pollution from diesel pumps – going from 83Dba with ear defenders to around 70Dba. Can be reduced noise by up to 50%.
  • Reducing RPE usage – Removing the need for ear defenders.
  • Reducing COSHH exposure with no need for diesel storage, bunds and drip trays.
  • Safer operation at pump side with improved hearing – less risk of an accident.
  • Reduces the use of plastic throughout the operation (bunds, drip trays, diesel containers etc.)
  • No need for servicing or purchase of air filters, injectors, oil, oil filters.
  • The pump can be used in underground or enclosed spaces without risk to health. Improved local air quality. Ideal for areas with poor ventilation
  • It can pump up to 38 floors so far with ease – more powerful and easier to use than traditional diesel pumps.

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