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Heat Induction Paint Removal

Published 20 April 2022 | Written by David Carter
CategoriesDust Noise

This project used heat induction as an alternative to traditional grit blasting to remove existing intumescent paint from the structural steel frame. This method uses heat induction technology, similar to a heat induction hob, to break the chemical bonds between the intumescent paint and the steelwork, allowing it to be manually scraped off with minimal effort. The benefits of this…

Electrically Powered Crawler Crane

Published 27 January 2022 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesEnergy efficient plant and equipment

This site is extremely congested with the new building being constructed within metres of occupied student accommodation and also residential properties. A newly imported from America hybrid/electrically powered crawler crane was found to overcome noise and pollution issues. The diesel engine only being needed at start up then all jib operations are electrically powered. More normal self erecting electrically powered…

Bespoke Odour Extraction Unit

Published 24 January 2022 | Written by Holly Lewis
CategoriesModern methods of construction

Although the extraction unit is an existing system used within the pharmaceutical industry, this contractor has adapted the system as a way to aid dismantling and de-gassing of gas holders. The unit can change 50,000 cubic metres of air per hour. It is a sealed unit so no risk of gas escape or ignition. This has an Activated Carbon Deep…

Safety Improvement Through the use of Precast Fixings

Published 20 December 2021 | Written by Bruce Nixon

This contractor is using fixings pre-cast into the concrete slabs which minimises the need to drill the slab to create supports for the services modules. This therefore reduces the need to work at height and almost completely eliminates drilling and the dust it produces. This in turn creates a healthier and safer site to work on.

Considering Air Quality and Inclusive Design with Traffic Management Methodology

Published 20 December 2021 | Written by Michael Barratt MBE
CategoriesCarbon reduction Planning of traffic routes

Climate change, air quality, safety and a healthy economy are at the top of the Mayor of London’s agenda and keeping London moving sustainably is the aim. Transport policies have a focus on modal shift which includes; electric fleet growth, increased use of public transport and encouraging more and safer walking and cycling will help us achieve the targets that…

Site Accessibility and Keeping up with the Electric Vehicle World

Published 24 November 2021 | Written by Simon Redgrave
CategoriesElectric vehicles Parking facilities/arrangements

With more visitors and local authority clients coming to this project it is important that they ensure we cater for all with accessible parking, meeting rooms and toilets. Additionally with the increase of electric and hybrid vehicles, they now offer a free ‘top up’ for visitors car while they are at the project.

Zero Emissions Electric Crane

Published 9 November 2021 | Written by Laura Benjamin
CategoriesElectric vehicles Energy efficient plant and equipment

This contractor is using the new Liebherr LR1160E Electric crane on their Canterbury Works Vent shaft site. This site requires the utilisation of a crane for a large portion of the works. There are two options for this requirement which are the HSC SCX1500A-3 Diesel Crane and the Liebherr LR1160E Electric Crane. The comparisons between these cranes can be seen…

Hydrogen Powered Generator

Published 25 October 2021 | Written by Laura Benjamin
CategoriesEnergy efficient plant and equipment

Due to a lack of mains connection, the site team needed to find a way to sustainably power the site. They received funding for a one-year trial of 500kva of hydrogen power at the Victoria Road Crossover Box, including emissions testing study by the Imperial College of London. The hydrogen used in the units are created from Wind and Solar…

Stage V 200kVa Gensets

Published 14 October 2021 | Written by George Vernon-Hunt
CategoriesEnergy efficient plant and equipment

Air quality in London is one of the biggest challenges currently facing the city. Over 9,400 premature deaths have been linked to poor air quality and the long-term exposure can be tied to many different illnesses and diseases. The construction industry is a significant contributor to London’s poor air quality. Where emergency back-up generators are required, this contractor has gone…


Published 4 October 2021 | Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesCircular economy Lower embodied carbon content materials

The Particulator is designed to be fitted to smaller construction machines and removes diesel particulate matter from exhaust gas. It consists of a filter that is encased in a steel jacket and a control box to regenerate the filter when required and monitor back pressure. The filter is made of cordierite, a synthetic ceramic, which provides high filtration whilst keeping…

Airlite Anti-Viral Paint

Published 4 October 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesControls and training to prevent exposure Decontamination regime

This project is using Airlite anti-viral paint. This natural technology is anti-bacterial and self-cleaning, developed to improve the air quality inside commercial spaces and claims to have the same air purification power as three acres of forest. Its protective oxidant barrier decomposes harmful organic and inorganic substances and also reduces a building’s solar heat absorption, saving on the cost of…

Dirt and Dust Guidance

Published 3 September 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesDust Workplace dust monitoring

Dirt and Dust – What is the problem?  Dirt and dust from construction work regularly impacts on members of the public, with dust in the summer months and mud in the winter, and at CCS they are regular causes for complaints we receive from the public. To support CCS-registered activity in tackling this issue and minimising the impact of dirt…

Thermocouple to Assess Concrete Strength in Real Time

Published 23 August 2021 | Written by Danica Chambers

This contractor is using a thermocouple to assess concrete strength. The thermocouple is fixed by cable ties and then connected to the wireless transmitter. The contractor will then cast and pour the concrete and using the web portal view the results Using this method of concrete testing has benefits for the project which are: The requirement for manually making cubes…

Exhaust After Treatment System for Larger Diesel Engines

Published 10 August 2021 | Written by Mark Bowden
CategoriesCarbon reduction Conserve of resources

The Vinci Environment Awards Grand Prize was awarded to a joint entry between Bachy Soletanche and Cybrand for the development, implementation and independent approval of an exhaust after treatment system for larger diesel engines fitted into their construction machinery (above 300kW). This solution features a retrofitted diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction system, which significantly reduces the engine emissions….

Folding Bikes for the Project Team

Published 2 August 2021 | Written by Lynne Potter
CategoriesExercise Wellbeing events

To aid in getting the project team back on site safety during the coronavirus restrictions where feasible and allowed, they bought twenty folding bikes for the team to use. This allowed for the team to travel some or all of their journey to and from work by bike and therefore avoiding public transport which was more congested and presented more…