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Electric Forklift

Published 7 December 2020 | Written by Claire Murray
CategoriesEfficient fuel use Energy saving measures Hybrid/electric plant Plant and machinery Reduce

The project team successfully trialled an electric forklift on site at Western Yards. The forklift has zero emissions at point of use, is battery powered and provides up to 8 hours of run time. The electricity supply at Western Yards is on a green tariff, meaning that the electric forklift provides a 100% reduction in emissions compared to a diesel…

Knauf Spray Plaster

Published 18 November 2020 | Written by Barney Sparrow
CategoriesAir quality Energy saving measures Improvement Reduce Reporting and offsetting Spill control Sustainable solutions

As an internal wall finish the project team have carried out a method of preparing the internal walls for finish, which was the Knauf Airless Finish which is a highly efficient spray applied alternative to traditional plaster for finishing walls and ceilings. From a CO2 perspective, transport costs will be similar to traditional products. This is because the airless plaster…

Taking Control of Air Quality

Published 10 November 2020 | Written by Alice Ashpitel
CategoriesAir quality Idling vehicles Plant and machinery

Mace worked with EMSOL to use Bluetooth tags to track vehicle movements to site and associate these movements with air quality emissions around the site during concrete frame construction . The aim of this trial was to help provide insight into how deliveries to site were impacting local air quality and provide a proof concept for the system to enable…

Electric Mobile Tower Crane

Published 10 November 2020 | Written by Abi Inskip
CategoriesEfficient fuel use Hybrid/electric plant Plant and machinery Reduce

In addition to the tower crane on site, this project have also used an additional electric mobile tower crane. This was hired to feed the opposite side of the building and to work in conjunction with the tower crane already in use. Whilst the crane uses diesel to drive between sites, once parked and working, the crane runs off of…

Electric Bike

Published 26 October 2020 | Written by Paul Watkins
CategoriesEfficient fuel use Healthy lifestyle advice Medical conditions Reduce Worker fatigue

Due to the site having two sections that are a 1 mile round trip and the site manager having medical issues the site team purchased an electric bike. Visiting between sites can happen several times a day and can add up to 10 plus miles during the course of the day. Having the electric bike also assists with a faster…

Arbnco Indoor Environmental Quality Monitoring

Published 26 October 2020 | Written by Patrick Smith
CategoriesAir quality Investigation Involvement Specialist input

As part of an ongoing commitment to workforce welfare, the Garrard House project team wanted to collect continuous, real-time data on indoor environmental quality in the construction site offices and welfare. Eight commercial-grade Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitors were installed by Arbnco to monitor air quality, ventilation and thermal comfort (CO2, temperature, humidity, PM1, PM2.5, PM10 (Particulate Matter) and TVOC…

Electric Dumper – Ecovolve ED 1000

Published 19 October 2020 | Written by Georgia Allen
CategoriesEfficient fuel use Energy saving measures Hybrid/electric plant Occupational health risks Plant and machinery Reduce Reporting and offsetting

On this project an Ecovolve high tip ED 1000 electric dumper was used to move material between external and internal areas of the site. As this dumper was required for use indoors, the compact nature and high manoeuvrability of the ED 1000 made it well suited for this task. Compared to a diesel alternative, reductions in noise and pollution risk…

Air Quality Action Plan

Published 30 September 2020 | Written by Rebecca Ewan
CategoriesAir quality Campaigns Investigation Programming Workforce

Mace have developed an ‘Air Quality Action Plan’ to encourage the provision of clean and healthy work environments whilst reducing exposure to respiratory hazards on site. The document covers minimum compliance (mandatory actions) and best practice covering the following topics: Identifying receptors and risks HVAC systems and fresh air supply Baseline testing and continuous monitoring Developing proposals to control identified…

Lazer Level with Vacuum Suction

Published 7 July 2020 | Written by Paul Watkins
CategoriesDust prevention Occupational health risks Tidiness Working methods

On this project they are using a lazer level with a vacuum suction function which instantly attaches to any surface without causing damage at the press of a button. The product has built-in levels and a hole you drill through with automatically collects the dusts keeping the work environment dust free. The electrician and mechanical engineer now also use this…

Hybrid Tandem Roller

Published 26 May 2020 | Written by Gino Salvatore
CategoriesEfficient fuel use Hybrid/electric plant Plant and machinery

The A46 Upgrade & Anstey Lane Widening contract are currently using a Bomag BW 174 AP hybrid tandem roller. This tandem roller combines an innovative hydraulic accumulator with a diesel engine to create a highly efficient drive unit. The diesel engine covers the base load and the hydraulic hybrid accumulators the peak load with the result that fuel consumption and…

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Speed Cameras

Published 8 April 2020 | Written by Gino Salvatore
CategoriesAir quality Efficient energy use Efficient fuel use Energy saving measures Hybrid/electric plant Implementation Plant and machinery Sustainable solutions

As part of the traffic management system for the construction of a new grade separated junction on the A1 to the west of Grantham, a 50-mph speed limit is in place. This speed limit is enforced using remote speed cameras powered by a combination of solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells. This combination is noiseless in operation and omits no…

Cleaner Construction for London

Published 8 April 2020 | Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesAir quality Campaigns Carbon management Efficient fuel use Hybrid/electric plant Plant and machinery Reporting and offsetting

Following the results of a recent Non-Road Mobile Machinery audit, Battersea Phase 3a was chosen for inclusion in the Greater London Authority’s new air quality campaign, Cleaner Construction for London. The campaign selected our project as a flagship to help promote exceptional emission standards operating in London to the wider UK, and international construction industry. The purpose of this is…

Air Quality Particle Detecting Meter

Published 8 April 2020 | Written by Costas Petrides
CategoriesAir quality Carbon management Monitoring and reporting Reporting and offsetting

This portable handheld air quality particle detecting meter is used to monitor particulate matter (PM) concentrations in the air. It also measures air temperature and relative humidity. PM values ​​are colour coded and this visual system makes for easy recognition if PM levels become high. Dust particles that measure at 2.5 and PM10 can settle in our lungs, and the…

Carbon Offsetting and Environmental Legacy

Published 9 March 2020 | Written by Nathan Calderwood
CategoriesAir quality Goodwill work Planting Reporting and offsetting Trees

As a project team, we discussed what we could do, over and above the ‘norm’, to leave an environmental legacy. Having looked at various options for this, we decided to support the Scottish Woodland Trust by dedicating a quarter of an acre of woodland in an area east of the city. Not only did we feel that supporting the Woodland…

Solar Welfare Van

Published 24 February 2020 | Written by James Morfitt
CategoriesAir quality Efficient energy use Efficient fuel use Energy efficient accommodation Energy saving measures Implementation Sustainable procurement Sustainable solutions Vehicle enhancements

The Leeds projects have incorporated the latest Nixon Hire solar welfare van. The welfare van is environmentally friendly by offering: Solar Panels Low CO2 Emissions Silent run time Less oil use With such a large fleet of vans available, it made sense for us to investigate how solar power could reduce emission output and increase the efficiency of the vehicle’s…