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Stage V 200kVa Gensets

Published 14 October 2021 | Written by George Vernon-Hunt
CategoriesAir quality Hybrid/electric plant Working methods and equipment

Air quality in London is one of the biggest challenges currently facing the city. Over 9,400 premature deaths have been linked to poor air quality and the long-term exposure can be tied to many different illnesses and diseases. The construction industry is a significant contributor to London’s poor air quality. Where emergency back-up generators are required, this contractor has gone…


Published 4 October 2021 | Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesAir quality Plant and machinery Working methods and equipment

The Particulator is designed to be fitted to smaller construction machines and removes diesel particulate matter from exhaust gas. It consists of a filter that is encased in a steel jacket and a control box to regenerate the filter when required and monitor back pressure. The filter is made of cordierite, a synthetic ceramic, which provides high filtration whilst keeping…

Airlite Anti-Viral Paint

Published 4 October 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesAir quality Working methods and equipment

This project is using Airlite anti-viral paint. This natural technology is anti-bacterial and self-cleaning, developed to improve the air quality inside commercial spaces and claims to have the same air purification power as three acres of forest. Its protective oxidant barrier decomposes harmful organic and inorganic substances and also reduces a building’s solar heat absorption, saving on the cost of…

Dirt and Dust Guidance

Published 3 September 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesDust Dust prevention Mud

Dirt and Dust – What is the problem?  Dirt and dust from construction work regularly impacts on members of the public, with dust in the summer months and mud in the winter, and at CCS they are regular causes for complaints we receive from the public. To support CCS-registered activity in tackling this issue and minimising the impact of dirt…

Thermocouple to Assess Concrete Strength in Real Time

Published 23 August 2021 | Written by Danica Chambers
CategoriesAir quality Worker fatigue Working methods Working methods and equipment

This contractor is using a thermocouple to assess concrete strength. The thermocouple is fixed by cable ties and then connected to the wireless transmitter. The contractor will then cast and pour the concrete and using the web portal view the results Using this method of concrete testing has benefits for the project which are: The requirement for manually making cubes…

Exhaust After Treatment System for Larger Diesel Engines

Published 10 August 2021 | Written by Mark Bowden
CategoriesAir quality Efficient fuel use Plant and machinery Reduce Working methods and equipment

The Vinci Environment Awards Grand Prize was awarded to a joint entry between Bachy Soletanche and Cybrand for the development, implementation and independent approval of an exhaust after treatment system for larger diesel engines fitted into their construction machinery (above 300kW). This solution features a retrofitted diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction system, which significantly reduces the engine emissions….

Folding Bikes for the Project Team

Published 2 August 2021 | Written by Lynne Potter
CategoriesEfficient fuel use Healthy lifestyle advice Reduce Travel plans

To aid in getting the project team back on site safety during the coronavirus restrictions where feasible and allowed, they bought twenty folding bikes for the team to use. This allowed for the team to travel some or all of their journey to and from work by bike and therefore avoiding public transport which was more congested and presented more…

Electric Screed Pump

Published 2 August 2021 | Written by Lynne Potter
CategoriesHybrid/electric plant Plant and machinery Working methods and equipment

There is some speculation that because plant is electric that it won’t perform as well, so awareness is currently an issue. This contractor couldn’t find clean tech readily in the UK and looked into the European market to find solutions and therefore went to Germany and met with BMS and have since partnered with them and had a number of…

Electric Vehicle Car Points in Project Car Park

Published 21 June 2021 | Written by John Cairns
CategoriesEfficient fuel use Energy saving measures Hybrid/electric plant Sustainable solutions

This contractor installed electric vehicle car charge points within the car park of their project. Eight electric car charging points have been installed within the temporary accommodation compound car park. With many people now having hybrid or fully electric cars and the focus on becoming more sustainable, the electric vehicle car charge points will be a great asset for their…

GIS Isochrone Mapping

Published 24 May 2021 | Written by Tom O'Reilly
CategoriesEfficient fuel use Energy saving measures Investigation Planning Travel plans

At this contractor, typically the decision to select a waste management company will be determined by which member of the supply chain has put themselves forward to cover a certain postcode area. Whilst location is generally the main factor behind a waste companies decision to provide their service in a select area, many are happy to travel significant distances which…

Solar Powered Pedestrian Beacons with iBeacon Technology

Published 20 May 2021 | Written by Philip Kissane
CategoriesAccess/egress Barriers Driver information Efficient energy use Energy from renewable sources Energy saving measures Footpaths and diversions Protected and controlled access Roads Traffic marshal

On this project as part of the refurbishment works to be carried out on the Admin building, the company’s operations staff and management had to be relocated to temporary accommodation to facilitate the work. In line with relocating their operations staff and management a traffic management plan was implemented to provide safe access and egress to and from the temporary…

HVO Green D+ Fuel Trials

Published 26 April 2021 | Written by Lynne Potter
CategoriesAir quality Hybrid/electric plant Plant and machinery Working methods and equipment

This contractor is using HVO Green D+ as an alternative fuel type made from Hydro Treated Vegetable Oil to replace white diesel. The fuel reduces emissions, NOx and particulate matter, greatly improving air quality. The contractor are currently using the HVO fuel in their welfare van and the site road sweeper. Going forward they will be suppling two forklifts for…

Sprinkler System to Control Dust

Published 7 April 2021 | Written by Larisa Noaca
CategoriesAir quality Dust Dust prevention Medical conditions Occupational health risks

Construction dust can cause lung cancer, asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and silicosis to name a few. Therefore workers are the most exposed to developing these diseases, because many common construction tasks can create a large amount of dust. Especially waste disposal and recycling processes can be responsible for this, and have adverse impact on primarily the workers’ health, but…

Using Alternative Fuels to Improve Air Quality and Carbon Reduction

Published 18 March 2021 | Written by Jane King
CategoriesAir quality Hybrid/electric plant Plant and machinery

On the University of Salford SEE project they are using Green D+ fuel as part of its plans to improve local air quality and reduce the carbon footprint of the construction process. Green D+ HVO is an enhanced Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil manufactured from 100% renewable and sustainable waste derived raw materials, accepted by the Road Transport Fuel Obligation and certified…

Geopura Hydrogen Generator

Published 22 February 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesEnergy from renewable sources Energy saving measures Sustainable solutions

The contractor are in discussion with Geopura to bring a new hydrogen generator to site to replace a diesel unit, thereby producing zero emissions. There are a limited number of these units in use and only a handful of sites have trialled them in the country. The hydrogen is delivered by tanker, and manufactured using a renewable energy source. To…