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Carbon Neutral Project

Published 5 July 2021 | Written by Kieran Doona
CategoriesCarbon management Certifications Reporting and offsetting Trees

This project achieved carbon neutral status by registering with the ‘One Carbon World’ Scheme, working out its carbon footprint and purchasing carbon credits at a discounted rate. The carbon credits are then used in support of tree planting on a Rainforest Alliance validated sustainable forestry project. One Carbon World is a carbon neutral not-for-profit organisation and a global resource partner…

Sustainability Research and Development Programme

Published 29 June 2021 | Written by Hannah Crawford
CategoriesConsultation Investigation Involvement Specialist input Working methods and equipment

This contractor has been working in partnership with Queen’s University Belfast to support academic research opportunities associated with the university’s Leadership for Sustainable Development MSc course. The Research and Development Programme has produced a number of diverse research projects surrounding sustainability, which are both utilised by the company and help to fulfil the MSc degree requirements. In 2020, the research…

Sustainable PPE

Published 16 June 2021 | Written by Alice Mann
CategoriesRecycle Reduce Sustainable procurement

On this project they have been part of a trial to determine if they can swap to sustainable PPE. Five members of the team have trialled sustainable workwear in efforts to ‘green up’ the supply chain. Items of PPE that have been a part of the trial include soft shell jackets and boots made from recycled plastic bottles, glasses made…

GIS Isochrone Mapping

Published 24 May 2021 | Written by Tom O'Reilly
CategoriesEfficient fuel use Energy saving measures Investigation Planning Travel plans

At this contractor, typically the decision to select a waste management company will be determined by which member of the supply chain has put themselves forward to cover a certain postcode area. Whilst location is generally the main factor behind a waste companies decision to provide their service in a select area, many are happy to travel significant distances which…

Carbon Offsetting for Individuals

Published 29 March 2021 | Written by Aimee Nicol
CategoriesCarbon management Certifications Education Reporting and offsetting

Whilst delivering a virtual work experience programme with 24 young people, the contractor asked them to calculate their carbon footprint as part of a sustainability exercise in the course. In this task those on work experience calculated their carbon footprint from their daily total food emissions and their carbon footprint to find their total annual carbon footprint. The contractor is…

Plastic Free Recyclable Office Desks

Published 16 March 2021 | Written by Emily Bailey
CategoriesCarbon management Recycle Reduce Reporting and offsetting Sustainable solutions

This fully recyclable office desk helps construction site accommodation to address the landfill impact of temporary offices with a totally recyclable option, making use of recycled materials. The ECO360® desk gives a saving of approximately 38kg CO2e compared to traditional MFC (Melamine-Faced Chipboard) and steel products. The work surface which used to be acrylic plastic based has been replaced with…

Tree Planting Project for Social Media Followers

Published 8 March 2021 | Written by Lucie Jones
CategoriesCarbon management Planting Reporting and offsetting Trees

To celebrate their EnviroHoard™ system being Net Zero Carbon Verified this company have committed to a tree planting project ‘Let’s Plant A Forest Together’ where for every new follower on the company’s social media page a tree will be planted. Net Zero Carbon, also known as carbon neutrality, requires a detailed carbon footprint assessment, in accordance with international standards. Once…

Earth Friendly Concrete

Published 8 March 2021 | Written by Patrick Smith
CategoriesCarbon management Energy saving measures Reduce Sustainable solutions

Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC) is traditional concrete that doesn’t use ordinary Portland cement (OPC). EFC uses a geopolymer binder system made from the chemical activation of two industrial waste byproducts – blast furnace slag and fly ash. This alternative binder can reduce the carbon emissions associated with OPC by up to 90%. The engineering and construction properties of EFC are…

Carbon Offsetting

Published 1 March 2021 | Written by Max Jenkinson
CategoriesAwareness Carbon management Certifications

On this project they calculate their monthly carbon dioxide emissions and offset them with supporting projects. These projects include wind based power generators in India, reducing deforestation in Brazil and clean drinking water boreholes in Africa. Not only does this allow the project to operate in a carbon neutral environment it also helps combat climate change and sustain the environment…

Net Zero Carbon Challenge

Published 1 March 2021 | Written by Katerina Papavasileiou
CategoriesCampaigns Carbon management Education Involvement Local groups Training Workforce

The Net Zero Hackney Challenge was a programme, developed by the project team aiming to educate young people about net zero carbon and provide opportunities to the younger generation to enter the construction industry. This programme contributed to the efforts to improve social mobility in the borough by creating opportunities for further training, placements, work experience and mentoring. The net…

Carbon Reduction

Published 11 January 2021 | Written by Paul Watkins
CategoriesCarbon management Management Reporting and offsetting

Morgan Sindall as a company and a leader in tackling Environmental issues are going to introduce an internal carbon charge. The output of most projects can be calculated with the existing carbon calculator tool, which works out how much is generated throughout a projects lifecycle. Each division will pay a charge per tonne of carbon they generate which will paid…

Signing up to the SteelZero Initiative

Published 21 December 2020 | Written by Darren Peck
CategoriesEnergy saving measures Involvement Reduce Reporting and offsetting

Steel is the world’s most widely used material – but despite technologies existing for production to be decarbonised, steelmaking is currently one of the biggest emitters of CO2 globally. Organisations that join SteelZero make a public commitment to procure 100% net zero steel by 2050. By harnessing their collective purchasing power and influence, we’re sending a strong demand signal to…

132kV Cable Protection Measures

Published 24 August 2020 | Written by Rachael Finlay
CategoriesReduce Reporting and offsetting Sustainable procurement Sustainable solutions

Our works on the Glasgow Airport Investment Area (GAIA) project involved providing protection measures to a series of fragile high voltage (132kv) cables which one of our new roads has to cross. Preliminary proposals for the protection measures involved a series of steel-reinforced concrete beams spanning an array of reinforced concrete piles. This solution was highly carbon-intensive, and the asset…

Net Zero Carbon Site

Published 8 April 2020 | Written by Lucy Austin
CategoriesAir quality Campaigns Carbon management Environmental policy promoted Promoting achievements Re-use Recycle Reduce Reporting and offsetting Site environmental plan Sustainability policy

Sir Robert McAlpine are preempting legislative changes by pledging Net Zero Carbon by 2024. Contributing to this, Battersea Phase 3a has been operating as a Net Zero Carbon site since January 2020. The project Net Zero Carbon strategy covers all operational emissions (gas, fuel and electricity on site) and involves offsetting 115% of our outputs. Our offsetting occurs both locally…

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Speed Cameras

Published 8 April 2020 | Written by Gino Salvatore
CategoriesAir quality Efficient energy use Efficient fuel use Energy saving measures Hybrid/electric plant Implementation Plant and machinery Sustainable solutions

As part of the traffic management system for the construction of a new grade separated junction on the A1 to the west of Grantham, a 50-mph speed limit is in place. This speed limit is enforced using remote speed cameras powered by a combination of solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells. This combination is noiseless in operation and omits no…