Coronavirus Identification Vests

During the coronavirus pandemic, we have kept our site open continuously by monitoring social distancing to ensure the 2m rule is being followed at all times. We have undertaken a number of initiatives such as implementing one way systems, additional cleaning measures, floor markers and rotas, along with requiring our contractors to promote 2m requirements on their high-vis vests.

Following an extensive review of RAMS and the work activities in progress, we initially stopped activities which required operatives to work within 2m of each other. However, we realised that some of our workers lived together as friends or family members. This meant that they could continue with close proximity working in these individual teams in accordance with the Construction Leadership Council guidelines.

When we allowed these activities to continue for teams who lived in the same household, it was unclear to other operatives or visitors that they had been authorised to work in close proximity. We realised that a visual indicator was required to make others aware of this, so we purchased high-vis vests which were labelled with ‘Household Team 1’ or ‘Relatives Team 1’ to identify that only operatives with these vests could work within 2m of one another.

This has been effective as it has provided clear identification on site and can be rolled out across the construction industry on other sites, so that any marshalls, managers, inspectors, visitors or members of the general public can see that construction companies are following government guidelines with regards to social distancing measures and any exceptions to the 2m rule.

This example of best practice is just one way that projects can work to tackle the virus and reduce the spread. For full guidance and the latest Government advice read the Construction Leadership Council’s Site Operating Procedures.

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