Eco Construction Project with Local School

To support the local primary school with their Environmental Week, we helped design and build an eco construction project. We began by visiting the school at their assembly. We talked about our project, different construction roles and construction H&S.

Our site donated excess timber, pallets, screws, nails, paint and volunteers to help. We worked with the teachers to keep the project simple so that the children were able to do the majority of the work themselves. They were able to all have a go at different construction roles. The students had been learning about endangered animals and their environment in class and so we made a focus on plastics and the impact this has on the environment.

309 single-use plastic bottles were used to create a fence to contain a wildflower garden. Each plastic bottle was stuffed full of non-recyclable plastic waste. The children learnt about recycling and our issue with single-use plastic. We all gained perspective on the issue when we realised how short-a-time it took to gather 300+ bottles and enough plastic waste to fill them.

This initiative will help to:

  • Educate local students on the importance of conservation
  • Inspire students and the community to think of reusing waste materials to build structures instead of buying new
  • Promote the construction industry and careers in construction
  • Raise awareness of single-use plastics and its impact on the environment
  • Divert and reduce plastic waste from landfill to be re-used in the community
  • Enable the team and community to be aware of how much plastic (especially non-recyclable plastics) they use and consider ways to start using less

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