Emergency Trauma Packs

The Morgan Sindall Volker Fitzpatrick JV have introduced Emergency Trauma Packs (ETP’s) on the Barking Riverside Rail Extension project (BRE).

We undertook a gap analysis of the post-incident care capability on site, which identified a need for a better package of knowledge and trauma treatment to be made available across the project.

The project has in place Trained First Aiders, First Aid Kits, Defibrillators and a First Aid Room. However, the list of typical injuries seen, as detailed below, could not always be adequately serviced by this existing first aid provision.

The introduction of the ETP and requisite two hour training session provides a realistic stopgap between life and death. It provides the equipment and personnel to administer real life saving treatment, between the injury occurrence and the arrival of paramedics/emergency services.

  • A severed or crushed limb, amputation or de-gloving (scraping off skin)
  • A punctured lung – Pneumothorax
  • Kinetic type injuries caused by fast moving blades/cutting discs
  • A chest wound – Penetrating or blunt trauma causing a chest injury
  • Falls and electrocutions
  • Injuries sustained where a loss of blood is highly likely

The ETP’s contain:

  • Tourniquet (for limbs or compressible bleeds) to deal with blood loss
  • Haemostatic dressings to cover non-compressible bleeding
  • Trauma dressings including Emergency, OLAES and Blast Bandages
  • Chest Seal – covers penetrating chest wounds

MSVF JV has undertaken training for 30 personnel in the use of ETPs and each of the three main compounds have a red ETP Bag, containing equipment for the treatment of multiple traumatic injuries and a simple laminated guide.

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