First Aid Provision and Regular Assessment

Continual assessment of an on going site can see the first aid requirements vastly changing from the start to completion, as the number of daily operatives attending can vary. We now look to continually review our first aid provisions and have well above the mandatory requirements in place.

The following questions are important points to consider in order to assess the workforce’s level of first aid readiness:

  • How many employees are on site and what areas are considered as high risk?
  • How is the workforce distributed on site? (This led us to introduce our mobile first aid point as previously submitted.)
  • What is the nature of our work and what potential hazards are around?
  • Which personnel require training and who would perform best in this role?
  • Do all personnel understand their duties and the emergency procedure?
  • Does our induction cover all our first aid provisions and arrangements?
  • Is the first aid equipment accessible and fully functional?
  • Are the correct signs provided to display hazards and areas of risk?
  • When/ how often should we review these questions?

To have a defibrillator on site is surprisingly not a mandatory requirement, and yet those suffering with heart related problems is on the increase: this also includes operatives who are unaware they have a defect which could prove fatal, and age is no reflection of someone’s condition.

To further this, a demonstration of the site defibrillator is given during the site induction and to those with no training. It’s use is self explanatory as the device contains clear and concise instructions. Our site has four first aiders in total, giving all round first aid cover.

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