Handheld Electronic Whistles

This project like any other multi-crane project have crane loads traversing through the air all day. These loads on occasion will traverse over site personnel, this is a common occurrence in daily multi crane-lifting operations plus the radius path is not always accessible or blind to the slinger/signallers.

Consideration to the load path is always considered by crane operators in order to avoid lifting over site personnel however it is not always avoidable. Shouting by slinger/signallers and the tower crane horn, are the only means to inform site personnel of a load traversing across an area.

Previously trialled systems of a normal whistle have proved unhygienic and air horns conflict with their normal site use as they are normally used for emergency situations and evacuation. The general noisy environmental nature of constructions sites does not allow verbal communication.

The FOX 40 Electronic Handheld Whistle is a battery-operated whistle that omits a 125dB tone which will attract attention to its source and allow the slinger/signaller to identify a traversing load.

The whistles are handheld and have a lanyard allowing the whistle to be carried without being constantly in a slinger/signallers hand. They are also hygienic due to being hand operated unlike traditional blown whistles.

How does this affect the site?

The product is more expensive than a standard whistle however the additional benefits of this are;

  • Handheld and push buttoned.
  • Hygienic as there is no requirement to blow as with a traditional blown whistle.
  • Loud enough to be heard above the general noisy environmental nature of constructions sites and will be louder than the crane horn.
  • The 125dB tone attracts attention.

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