Free Mobile Plant Awareness Workshop

Following a discussion with a mobile plant operator, it was highlighted that there was a clear issue with internal trade operatives with regards to mobile plant awareness. There was a lack of understanding with regards to blind spots, hand gestures etc.

We already carry out talks to children and cyclists regarding HGV awareness, and it was decided that additional training needed to be given to all site staff and operatives so that:

  • Everyone can gain more insight on driver’s responsibilities.
  • Everyone gets the view from the driver’s seat.
  • Hazardous distractions are made clear.
  • Gestures are understood.
  • Guidance on when and where you should/ should not walk when a driver is operating is made clear.

But most importantly that everyone is safe around mobile plant and that our mobile plant operators could feel more confident with all trades on site.

The course commenced in April 2019 and is held every Friday at 1pm and lasts approximately 30 mins. The course is open to everyone working on and visiting site. To date we have had 50+ personnel take the course and have received great feedback. Since starting, our awareness course has been fully booked due to limited spaces.

“Really glad I took the course now, at least I can see from the drivers point of view how internal trades would be more at risk.” – Electrical Supervisor

“I honestly thought I was more visible until I sat in the drivers’ seat.” – Painter & Decorator

“Thinking about the amount of time I spent just standing there waiting wondering if the fork truck was going to move not knowing what to say or do, at least I know where to stand and what gesture to make so I can pass, certainly more confident on site.” – Builders Cleaner

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