Fuel Spill Digester

This contractor has eliminated the need for sand by switching to a fuel spill digester to clear up fuel spills on the motorway.

The fuel digester can be used to clean up all spills of volatile fuels such as petrol and diesel. It not only offers the safest and quickest way to deal with spills, but also cleans up waste in underground interceptors and eliminates hazardous waste charges.

It is the first chemical to market that completely eliminates the need to use sand on fuel spills and enables the opening of the lane for use within 90 seconds of treatment. The contractors Incident Support Unit (ISU) team have been using this product on the scheme for the last 6 months.

The benefits of using this product are:

  • Ground-breaking Microbe Technology remediates hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide.
  • Renders volatile fuels (gasoline, diesel, etc.) and many solvents non-flammable and biodegradable within minutes.
  • Significantly reduces VOC’s and lowers LEL’s
  • Replaces AFFF, granular absorbents (Speedy Dry, Oil Dri), socks and pads.
  • Reduces clean-up time, disposal costs and liabilities associated with land-fill waste.
  • Eliminate sheens and leaves a non-slip surface for safe clean-up efforts.
  • Safe to use on concrete, asphalt, and painted surfaces.
  • Active Fuel Spill Digester significantly reduces the ability of volatile fuels to ignite. It inerts the VOCs on initial application and lowers LEL’s within minutes eliminating the potential of ignition.  AFFF “Foaming” residues creates and environmental challenges as many are considered hazardous waste resulting in high, long-term clean-up costs.


Footer Reference

Monitor Report. Costain Galliford Try JV. Northamptonshire. August 2021.

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