Get the Best from Generators with Telemetry

Hiring a generator can be a deceptively complex process. Firstly, you’ll need to establish what size generator you require, based on your estimated power demand. Then, you’ll need to make sure it’s well maintained and fuelled. There’s also security to worry about; what happens in the worst-case scenario and the generator is stolen from site? These problems can all be reduced with the use of telemetry.

Calculating the optimal size for a generator is as much an art as a science. Knowing the equipment you plan to power and the load it draws is one factor, but knowing what will be used and when might be another matter. Every day on site can create a new challenge, so it’s impossible to know the optimum set up until you’re already up and running. By using telemetry, however, peak loads can be established from real-world data, enabling you and your supplier to work collaboratively to arrive at the perfect setup for your site.

It isn’t just generator load that can be monitored remotely, but also fuel levels. This can be used to facilitate fuel management services like on-demand deliveries, to remove the administrative burden of constantly arranging deliveries on an ad-hoc basis.

Another crucial piece of data that the generator transmits via telemetry is its location. With plant theft an unfortunate reality of construction sites in the UK, having equipment that can tell you where it is at any time can be enormously useful in deterring, preventing and rectifying theft.

In short, then, proper use of telemetry can improve equipment longevity, security as well as reduce your carbon emissions.

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