This contractor is collaborating on a digital research and development project, partly funded by Innovate UK which tackles the need to adapt and find new ways to support communication, planning, and safety activities on construction sites.

Using the latest research in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for vision, the contractor, the University of West England’s Big Data Enterprise and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, the Faculty of Business and Law and Zest consult, have designed a leading-edge AI and machine learning site monitoring platform for remote monitoring of sites called Intellisite.

Intellisite is a desktop app linked to an online portal and creates datasets to enhance camera-based monitoring. Using video analytics and AI linked to site CCTV, cameras worn by project teams and technical data it allows for the remote monitoring of multiple complex delivery projects. It can be operated from the comfort of a home office, reducing the need to travel to sites.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) fly over the sites and the images captured are fed into the portal. Using the data captured, Intellisite can estimate activity efficiencies, safe distances at which to work, identify potential risks and provide real time hazard identification and warning systems. It can also provide metrics to demonstrate carbon footprint reduction and potential cost savings.

Intellisite is being used on one project as a traffic management system to predict and identify potential bottlenecks on the surrounding road
networks. It will also be used by site teams as a logistics tool during road repair works and the data provided can help mitigate congestion for road users.

Footer Reference

Monitor Report. Costain. Lancashire. July 2021.

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