PM10 Real Time Dust Monitors

In order to set the highest standards in environmental monitoring, the E03 project has bought and installed two Aeroqual dust sentry monitors. They offer continuous monitoring in all conditions with notification emails being sent automatically should the set limits be exceeded at any point (200μg/m3 as a 15 minute mean). The limits have been set after an independent specialist consultant carried out a baseline survey immediately after Sisk have taken control of the E03 site area. Recorded information can be accessed online, where detailed charts of the constant readings are plotted.

In order to optimise the use and get the best results out of this system, the E03 project team has developed a site specific Air Quality Management Plan, which is an addendum to the existing Environmental Plan. The Air Quality Management Plan specifically addresses the potential disturbance to neighbouring receptors found within 200m radius of the site’s exit, with outlined mitigation measures to be employed in order to reduce this impact. To ideally position the dust monitors, the prevailing wind direction across the site was determined from nearby weather station and the sentries were installed in line with the identified prevailing wind route.

The dust sentries weigh approximately 13kg, making them remote and easy to fix. The graphs give a clear indication of when the levels of dust elevate and allows the site team to react with the use of the most appropriate of the set mitigation measures. The key subcontractor operatives have been briefed on the importance of retaining the air quality during construction and are fully aware of the means to suppress and mitigate dust if needed.

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