Portable Rapid Eye Wash Stations

In an emergency situation, seconds count – especially when it comes to eye injuries. Eyewash stations have been extensively used on sites throughout the country. Normally, these involve breaking open vials, which can be fiddly and time consuming. In some cases, mounted plumbed-in water based eyewash systems are installed in specific locations around the site, which can take time to get to.

At 48 Carey Street, Multiplex identified an upcoming activity (the extensive use of grinding wheels), which despite the use of appropriate facial protection, still has potential for dust to get into eyes. As a result, Multiplex ordered rapid use and portable eye wash stations with a built-in water reservoir to be used in the areas where these higher risk activities are occurring. Management also provided toolbox talks on how to use the units to the workforce conducting the activity.

Each unit is bright yellow to ensure visibility even when eyesight is compromised in an emergency situation. The ultra-portable eye wash unit requires no plumbing and can either be mounted to a wall with the included wall bracket, or simply placed on a flat, stable surface. The unit is activated by a simple pull strap, which causes the unit to discharge water for over 15 minutes at a rate of 1.5 litres per minute, providing a much more effective solution to removing foreign items from eyes than normal ‘vial’ based systems.

Due to its portability, it can be placed right beside the high risk activity ready for use within seconds of an incident and giving a maximum chance for the avoidance of eye damage. Moreover, after a project is complete, it can be sent to another site for their use.

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