Reusable Water Bottles for all Site Operatives

Everyone knows it’s important to stay hydrated, however it’s also important for the environment that we minimise our use of single use plastics, such as disposable water bottles.

To balance these two needs on the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project, reusable branded plastic water bottles have been purchased for use by lead contractor FM Conway.

The reusable water bottles were a good decision from a health and safety point of view. When a person is fully kitted-out in PPE, opening a bottle of water is not the easiest of tasks. Gloves can make it difficult to twist the cap, and dust on the gloves can clog up the mouthpiece. You can’t leave the lid off the bottle because then dust can settle in the water too.

The bottles provided have sealed caps that release water when squeezed, meaning there’s no need to fight with a bottle cap or pull at an opening with your teeth. This also means there’s less chance of small parts falling into the river and causing damage to wildlife.

They can be written on, so there’s no risk of a swap as each bottle is marked with the owner’s name – something that would be unlikely to happen with a shop-bought drink. Finally, they’re made from 35% recycled material, which was the best we could get at the time of purchase.

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One thought on "Reusable Water Bottles for all Site Operatives"

  1. Jazmyn Cairns says:

    Fabulous collection of reusable water bottles to stay hydrated every time. Thanks for sharing with us!

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