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Environmental Performance and Report

Published 21 May 2019 | Written by Luke Smith
CategoriesActual vs target Air quality Carbon footprint reporting Carbon offsetting Energy saving measures Plastics and packaging Promoting achievements Sustainable solutions

The Wellington Place 7 and 8 project team, led by Dan Miller, has shown great leadership and professionalism by using their sphere of influence to achieve the environmental targets set at the beginning of the project. Highlights Include: 59% reduction in CO2 emissions from the following measures: 100% Renewable energy electricity supply, primary and secondary lighting circuits that reduce unnecessary…

Journey to Reducing the Impact of Packaging

Published 10 May 2019 | Written by Cintia Bailey
CategoriesDebris Litter Plastics and packaging Re-use Recycle Sustainable solutions

Every year, countless crisp packets end up in landfill sites across the UK. To put an end to this enormous loss of resources and the unnecessary impact on the environment, The Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme was launched. On our M25 DBFO project, Connect Plus Services is joining forces with Highways England in the journey to reducing the impact of packaging….

Environmental Workshops: Saving Our Blue and Green Planet

Published 10 May 2019 | Written by Carol Kirby
CategoriesAwareness Goodwill work Plastics and packaging Residents Schools Wildlife

At Borras, we were looking for ideas to better engage with students within the schools that we work in. We touched upon the idea of developing an Environmental Workshop where the children could learn about how the construction industry is working towards sustainable development goals via a series of fun and hands-on learning activities. We have now developed a series…

Weatherproof Paper

Published 29 April 2019 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesGreen purchasing Plastics and packaging Sustainable solutions

The site has decided not to use laminated notices due to the fact that these cannot be recycled. Instead, all notices that would ordinarily be laminated are printed on paper that has recycled plastic within it. The sheets look like ordinary paper but have a similar consistency as new sterling notes. They are also recyclable. To find out more, click…

Turning Plastic Waste into Building Materials

Published 29 April 2019 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesPlastics and packaging Re-use Recycle Reduce Sustainable solutions

There has been a distinct practice to reduce and try to eliminate single-use plastics, which involves turning plastic waste into ecobricks. Personal use sized commercial water bottles are used to collect waste, and are filled with plastic film from traditional sources such as empty crisp packets, food wrap, plastic bags and many other sources to achieve a specified weight and…

Single-use plastics workshop

Published 16 April 2019 | Written by Patrick Smith
CategoriesAwareness Environmental policy promoted Plastics and packaging Reduce

As a responsible business, Mace is reducing the 3,000 tonnes of plastic waste it generates every year and will reduce its consumption of single-use plastics by 20% on sites and corporately by 80%. To do this, we have launched a single-use plastic reduction campaign across the business called ‘Time to Act’ which encourages people to ditch unnecessary plastics. At Mace’s…

Environmental Notice Board

Published 8 April 2019 | Written by andrea lilly
CategoriesActual vs target Environmental policy promoted Notice board Plastics and packaging Promoting achievements Recycle Spill control

At the site set-up stage, Pacy & Wheatley issue an “Environment Notice Board” to all sites to display in the welfare/ canteen cabin for all site operatives and visitors to site to view. This includes the following: P&W Objectives and Targets. Site Specific Aspects. Waste Carrier Details. Other points of reference which are displayed on the same board. Emergency Spill…

Community Litter Picking

Published 25 March 2019 | Written by Simon Young
CategoriesCommunity liaison Debris Goodwill Litter Plastics and packaging Recycle Sensitivity to neighbours

GMI regularly attend the local community/ developer/ council meetings, and an issue regularly raised by the community is that of general litter in the area which is not necessarily site specific. A member of the community suggested splitting up the area into zones around sites/ businesses with each taking responsibility for their respective zone. GMI have bought into this and…

Sustainability Quiz

Published 21 March 2019 | Written by Jack Heaney
CategoriesAwareness Schools

Galliford Try have created a sustainability quiz for the school as a new way to communicate environmental issues. The quiz aims to bring awareness and thought to the students in a fun way. The kids had to match up the picture to the estimated time it takes for some everyday items to decompose. Increasing waste volume is a major concern…

The Great British Spring Clean

Published 18 March 2019 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesGoodwill work Litter Plastics and packaging

The Great British Spring Clean is an event organised by Keep Britain Tidy which calls on #LitterHeroes across the country to help improve their local environment. The aim is to get as many people as possible to collect and safely dispose of litter found on streets, parks and beaches, recycling as much of it as possible. You can take part…

Beeswax Sandwich Wraps

Published 12 November 2018 | Written by Tom Hook
CategoriesRe-use Reduce Sustainable solutions

On the London School of Economics CBR Mace project, we have been trying to reduce our use of plastics on site and in the welfare facilities. This is part of a wider Mace initiative and clear environmental benefits. We have introduced beeswax sandwich wraps which are made predominantly from old shirts and are 100% washable and reusable. These have been…

Environmental Wheel

Published 12 November 2018 | Written by Catherine Barrett
CategoriesAwareness Plastics and packaging Workforce

Day-to-day, we all have an influence on the environment we live in. Our ‘Environmental Fact Wheel’ offers interesting facts about the little things we do day-to-day which can have an effect on the environment. We have divided the facts into five main target areas: Resources, Water, Waste, Carbon and People. Examples include: Recycling only one aluminium can saves enough energy…

Weatherproof Paper

Published 6 November 2018 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesRecycle Sustainable solutions

Galliford Try has introduced the use of weatherproof paper for site specific exterior notices such as site zoning information, safety campaign displays and PPE reminder notices. The paper is water, oil, fade and tear resistant leaving the site signage looking much more professional for longer. This also reduces the amount of laminating and plastic waste that the site is producing….

Re-Usable Packaging

Published 26 October 2018 | Written by Mariyana Stoyanova
CategoriesPlastics and packaging Re-use Sustainable solutions Sustainable source

The construction industry is estimated to be responsible for around 40% of the UK’s waste. We have been working with our subcontractors to tackle this issue and minimise unnecessary waste. SQP is the first site to use reusable, collapsible boxes for our M&E. These were specially developed for use at SQP and was something the contractor developed as part of…

Yuley’s Overshoes

Published 24 September 2018 | Written by Lauren Smith
CategoriesMIU Plastics and packaging PPE

Laing O’Rourke has been using Yuley’s Overshoes.  Yuley’s Overshoes are a reusable, rigid, hard overshoe that offer superior protection versus the more common, thin plastic single-use overshoes traditionally used on sites. In addition to environmental benefit of being reusable until they become damaged, Yuley’s are also completely recyclable. Yuley’s are a hands-free system, meaning that people are not transferring any…