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Plastic Campaign

Published 17 December 2019 | Written by Abigail Elliott
CategoriesPlastics and packaging Signage

In light of the ever growing awareness of plastic waste and its impact on the environment, JRL Group has launched a plastic reduction campaign across the business. As part of our strategy, we are going further than working with our supply chains and are incorporating ways to support reducing plastic within the day to day activities of our employees. We…

Bottles with a Difference

Published 17 December 2019 | Written by Nalise Hahn
CategoriesCorporate Social Responsibility action plan Goodwill Plastics and packaging Policy Reduce Suppliers Sustainable solutions

As part of our Responsible Business Strategy, one of our commitments is to reduce the 3,000 tonnes of plastic waste that Mace generates each year. Plastic cups and bottles are just some of the products that we throw away every day and many of these are only used once. ​​So the Mac​e team at Greenwich Square decided to source project…

Plastics Scorecard

Published 4 November 2019 | Written by Lynne Potter
CategoriesInspections Plastics and packaging Reduce Report to company level

At Mace, we launched our ‘Time To Act’ campaign on plastics in 2018. We have companywide focuses for elimination, reduction, trialling alternatives, and sharing our successes with our other projects to replicate. As part of our construction focus we developed a ‘plastics scorecard’. This is a checklist with a number of pre-requisites, along with many additional options for plastic reduction…

EPS Cutting Box

Published 4 November 2019 | Written by Bill Anderson
CategoriesDebris Plastics and packaging

The onsite cutting and shaping of EPS board can result in lightweight polystyrene beads dropping on the floor and being blown around in windy conditions, this can result in a build up of these beads in flowerbeds and rainwater gullies, for example. The waste can build up quickly and scatter around a large area due to its lightweight nature making…

Bespoke Re-usable Racking/ Stillages

Published 16 September 2019 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesManagement policy Plastics and packaging Reduce Sustainable solutions

To reduce packaging waste Thorpes have designed, in-house, bespoke re-usable racking/ stillages for transporting joinery components to site. The racking/ stillages come in a variety of sizes and are designed to fit on their delivery vehicle’s tail lift. The racking/ stillages also help reduce manual handling.

Re-usable bottles

Published 2 September 2019 | Written by Marilla King-Smith
CategoriesAwareness Planting Plastics and packaging Re-use Recycle Reduce

We have launched new KpH Reusable Bottles at our Strip Out sites. The initiative came about as a result of the ‘Spotlight on… plastics and packaging’ campaign (to assess how much single-use plastic we were producing on-site) and as part of our wider Waste Management Review. We asked our site at Bishopsgate to save their drinks bottles for two weeks….

Expanded Polystyrene Recycling

Published 2 September 2019 | Written by Jake Phillips
CategoriesPlastics and packaging Recycle Sustainable solutions

When ENGIE was contracted to replace the cladding at Eyot House in Bermondsey, our commitment to be at the forefront of environmentally conscientious construction methods demanded a creative approach to recycling and repurposing the old expanded polystyrene (EPS) removed from the building. The existing EWI system comprised an insulation layer of expanded polystyrene (EPS) board, for which it was important…

Plastics and Packaging Actions: Creating Bird Feeders

Published 2 September 2019 | Written by Attracta Mathews
CategoriesAwareness Careers advice Post-completion impact Schools

GRAHAM-BAM Healthcare Partnership recently hosted 14 girls aged 10–13 from the Women’s Tec Summer Scheme GIRLTEC Academy to raise awareness of environmental considerations in construction projects. The workshop formed part of a practical visit to the GBHP Royal Victoria Hospital site to encourage female pupils to consider future careers in construction. The visit included talks and hands on activities from…

Glass Milk Bottles

Published 12 August 2019 | Written by Lauren Smith
CategoriesGreen purchasing Local shop Plastics and packaging Re-use Reduce Sustainable solutions

To reduce plastic waste on the Trafford Park Line Manchester Metrolink Project, we decided to make the switch from plastic milk bottles to glass ones. The glass milk bottles not only worked out cheaper than buying milk in the plastic ones, but they are all rinsed and sent back for re-use instead of being destroyed. The glass milk also comes…

Eco-Friendly Hoarding

Published 12 August 2019 | Written by Ushna Mughal
CategoriesBranding Corporate badging Enclosures First Impressions standards Green purchasing Initial impressions Plastics and packaging Re-use Recycle Sustainable solutions Sustainable source

​​​Go-Hoard™ is the new, eco-friendly hoarding system from Blok N Mesh UK. The hoarding panels are manufactured using recycled UPVC and are fully recyclable after use, ensuring a sustainable solution for the environment. The hoarding system has a smooth flat finish which is ready to accept vinyl graphics and can also be supplied in your corporate colours. Custom coloured skirting…

Public Water Dispenser

Published 5 August 2019 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesFirst Impressions standards Goodwill Initial impressions Plastics and packaging Sensitivity to neighbours

This site has fitted a public water dispenser in a slot within the hoarding. There is also interesting information displayed on the importance of not using single-use plastics. The location of the water dispenser has been put on a national database, which uses an app, so members of the public can find it. The dispenser is also fed from the…

Reducing the use of single-use plastics

Published 5 August 2019 | Written by Ushna Mughal
CategoriesBusinesses Plastics and packaging Residents Suppliers

The project team have been the proud sponsor of the Urban Village Fete in North Greenwich since 2017. This fete draws on local suppliers, designers and performers, and provides a forum for top local talent for a community day full of stalls, music, DJs, dance, art and design workshops and food trucks with an international flavour. This year, in addition…

MukGuard: Re-usable Over Shoes

Published 5 August 2019 | Written by Leah Barrett
CategoriesPlastics and packaging PPE Re-use Reduce

The Broadway project have taken steps to eradicate single use plastics on site, and have therefore banned the use of plastic blue over shoes, replacing them with MukGuard overshoes. MukGaurds are a re-usable, washable and durable over shoe, with sole grips to prevent slips. To find out more, click on the link below.

Spotlight on… plastics and packaging follow up article

Published 5 August 2019 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesPlastics and packaging

In February 2019, the Scheme launched its latest campaign, ‘Spotlight on… plastics and packaging’, to raise awareness of the issue of plastic pollution in the construction industry. ‘Spotlight on… plastics and packaging’ provides guidance and resources to help the construction industry reduce its consumption of plastics and packaging. The campaign includes statistics, examples of best practice and valuable resources. It…

Re-usable fabric door handle covers

Published 24 June 2019 | Written by Mariyana Stoyanova
CategoriesGreen purchasing Plastics and packaging Reduce Sustainable solutions

At South Quay Plaza we are committed to minimise our use of disposable plastics, following the CCS ‘Spotlight on… plastics and packaging’ campaign. As part of this we have developed a plastics and packaging minimising strategy. Our latest initiative challenged us to review the different types of disposable plastic protection we use on site and find an alternative. A major…