Use of Greenhoard Hoarding System

As part of environmental initiatives put in place by the project team to contribute to reduction in the CO2 emissions, the GreenHoard hoarding system has been used.

The GreenHoard hoarding system is a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to the traditional plywood hoarding. It comprises of boards made from 100% recycled plastic waste fixed to a recycled steel frame and supported by precast concrete blocks.

The system is designed for strength, durability and simplicity making it quick and easy to erect, adapt and dismantle. It can be painted to promote corporate identity and the boards are manufactured from materials derived from low-grade, mixed waste plastics which are notoriously hard to recycle and therefore would usually end up being sent to land fill or incinerated.

Unlike alternative hoarding materials such as ply or virgin plastics all the components in the Greenhoard system are fully recyclable at end of life therefore offering a complete closed loop recycled solution.

The benefits of using the GreenHoarding system include.

  • Reduction in the carbon footprint produced.
  • Contributes to promoting circular economy as the hoarding is made from recycled material
  • 100% diversion from landfill at end of life.
  • Contributes to reduction in use of natural resources.
  • Avoid disposal and maintenance cost required with traditional hoarding systems.
  • Eliminates the need to install insitu concrete bases by using precast concrete blocks.
  • Can be prefinished to cooperate colours.
  • Delivers a high level of security and contributes to the corporate image of the project.

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